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T'ang Quartet performing at NDP 2007

The T'ang String Quartet (唐四重奏) is a Singapore-based classical string quartet that has played to critical acclaim.


The T’ang String Quartet comprises Ng Yu-Ying (1st violin), Ang Chek Meng (2nd violin), Lionel Tan (viola) and Leslie Tan (cello). The Tang Quartet was formed in 1992 when the members were still performers with Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Trained individually in London and Moscow, the Quartet was awarded a fellowship to work in the USA with Paul and Martha Katz, Norman Fischer, Kenneth Goldsmith and Sergui Luca at the Shepherd School of Music. After a two-year masters studies in Rice University as a pre-formed quartet, the T’ang Quartet started their professional career in 1999 with unanimity of purpose: to break new ground by extending the sheer fun and enjoyment of classical music to a larger audience, as well as setting new standards of artistic achievement.

Critics have praised the T’ang Quartet as 'astounding' for its 'confidence', bravura and charisma' (Boston Globe) and for bringing ‘enthusiasm, energy and commitment...to all the music...' (The Times, London). They have added that 'this ensemble is outstanding. Unanimity of attack is uncanny, and intonation and internal balance both impress greatly. These are plainly minds which share a wavelength' (Evening Standard, London).

Apart from recitals the Quartet is also very active in outreach and art education programmes. The T’ang Quartet is currently the quartet-in-residence at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at the National University of Singapore and was on the faculty of the Boston University Tanglewood Institute from 2001 to 2005.

In September 2006, it was accorded the prestigious honour of performing at the opening of Singapore Biennale, and to foreign dignitaries at the IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings held in Singapore. ASEAN Summit in 2007

"T'ang" signifies that golden age of the arts in Asia - the T'ang Dynasty. The name is also an acronym of the players' last names – Ng, Ang and Tan.

In 2007, T'ang Quartet premiered "Optical Identity", a collaborative production with Theatre Cryptic (Scotland) was commissioned by the Singapore Arts Festival. The European premiere took place at the Edinburgh International Festival in August, and the production then traveled to the Alicante International Contemporary Music Festival (Spain) in September, and tours Scotland in October and November 2007.

T'ang Quartet was invited to perform Azerbaijan composer Franghiz Ali Zadeh's Mugam Sayagi at a UNESCO award Ceremony in Paris on 3 April 2008, where she was receiving the honorary title of UNESCO Artist for Peace.

Members of T'ang Quartet play instruments on generous loan from the Rin Collection and Mr Jiri Heger.


  • Ng Yu-Ying (born 1968), 1st violin
  • Ang Chek Meng (born 1969), 2nd violin
  • Lionel Tan (born 1966), viola
  • Leslie Tan (born 1964), cello


  • Winners – 2nd Internationaler Joseph Joachim Kammermusikwettbewerb (1999, Weimar, Germany)
  • Bartok Prize – Prague-Vienna-Budapest sommer Akademic (2000)
  • Cultural Award – Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2000)
  • Arts & Culture - Singapore Youth Award (SYA) 2002
  • Artistic Excellence Award (Classical)- presented by Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (2008)

Live concert recording album[edit]

  • Not Our Debut (T'ang Quartet and International Music Management, 1996)

Limited Release album[edit]

  • Heavenly (Action Theatre, 2001)

Album release[edit]

  • The Art of War (T'ang Quartet Limited, 2005)
  • Made in America c.1893 (T'ang Quartet Limited, 2006) - featuring Violist Jiri Heger as guest soloist (Viola Quintet in E-flat, Op.97)
  • "The True Sound of Healing" ( Produced by Tan Tock Seng Hospital,Singapore, 2008)

Other works[edit]

  • Recorded soundtrack for "Feet Unbound", a feature film retracing the Long March as undertaken by teenage girls, directed by Ng Khee Jin in 2006.
  • A short film on " Optical Identity" featuring T'ang Quartet was screened at the Adelaide Film Festival in Feb 2009

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