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Thor is a major god in Norse mythology.

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War, weaponry, military technology[edit]

  • German auxiliary cruiser Thor, a German surface raider in the Second World War
  • PGM-17 Thor, an American intermediate range ballistic missile
  • HNoMS Thor, Royal Norwegian Navy warships named after the Norse god of thunder
  • HMS Thor, a cancelled British T-class submarine
  • Project Thor, a theoretical orbital weapons system designed to launch a kinetic bombardment
  • Thor, an alternate name for the Karl-Gerät, a 600mm German mortar used in the Second World War
  • THOR/Multi Mission System (MMS), a British Army vehicle mounted Starstreak missile launcher
  • Theatre History of Operations Reports, a U.S. Air Force database endeavoring to catalog every bomb dropped by the US military since World War I
  • Mark 7 nuclear bomb "Thor", the first US tactical nuclear bomb
  • Thor III, a man-portable device for remote-controlled IED jamming

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