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TV3+ Denmark
TV3+ Denmark.svg
Launched April 1996
Owned by Modern Times Group
Audience share 3,6% (2008, [1])
Country United Kingdom
Broadcast area Denmark
Replaced TV6, ZTV
Sister channel(s) TV3, TV3+ HD, TV3 Puls, TV2 Sport

TV3+ Denmark is a general entertainment channel owned by Modern Times Group broadcasting to Denmark.

TV3+ has its origins in the youth channel ZTV and women's channel TV6 that were launched in the mid-1990s when Kinnevik invested heavily in new free-to-air channels. In April 1996, Danish ZTV, TV6 and Sportskanalen merged to form a new channel called 3+. In the beginning, 3+ time-shared with TVG in the mornings, ZTV in the afternoon and Sportskanalen in the weekend, but eventually these channels closed down.

TV Series[edit]

TV3+'s programming includes most notably sitcoms:

Dramas like

Documentary/reality shows like

Sports Rights[edit]

The channel will however broadcast some movies.

From 2 February 2010 a HD-version of the channel, TV3+ HD, started broadcasting.

Programming schedule[edit]

18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 21:30 22:00 22:30
Monday How I Met Your Mother The Simpsons How I Met Your Mother Movies
Tuesday The Simpsons
Wednesday Two and a Half Men
Thursday Top Gear
Friday Top Gear
Saturday Varies The Simpsons Varies
Sunday Varies


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