Taebaeksansong Station

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Korean name
Hangul 태백산성역
Hanja 山城
Revised Romanization Taebaeksanseong-yeok
McCune–Reischauer Taebaeksansŏng-yŏk
General information
Location Sansŏng-ri,
North Hwanghae
North Korea
Owned by Korean State Railway
Opened 20 December 1931
Electrified yes
Previous names P'yŏngsan
Original company Chosen Government Railway
Preceding station   Korean State Railway   Following station
toward P'yŏngyang
P'yŏngbu Line

Taebaeksansŏng Station is a railway station located in Sansŏng-ri, P‘yŏngsan County, North Hwanghae province, North Korea.[1] It is on located on the P'yŏngbu Line, which was formed from part of the Kyŏngŭi Line to accommodate the shift of the capital from Seoul to P'yŏngyang; though this line physically connects P'yŏngyang to Pusan via Dorasan, in operational reality it ends at Kaesŏng due to the Korean Demilitarized Zone.[1]


The station was opened by the Chosen Government Railway on 20 December 1931 as P'yŏngsan Station.[2] It was renamed in July 1945, taking its name from the nearby Taebaeksan Fortress (No. 93 on the list of DPRK National Treasures).


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Coordinates: 38°16′13″N 126°26′12″E / 38.27028°N 126.43667°E / 38.27028; 126.43667