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Pyongyang University of Music and Dance.jpg
Chosŏn'gŭl 대동강구역
Revised Romanization Daedonggangguyeok
McCune–Reischauer Taedonggang-guyŏk

Taedonggang-guyŏk (Korean: 대동강구역), or Taedong River District, is one of the 19 guyŏk, and one of the six that constitute East Pyongyang, North Korea. Taedonggang-guyŏk is on the eastern bank of the Taedong River, north of Tongdaewŏn-guyŏk and west of Sadong-guyŏk (Sadong District). It was established in January 1958.

Administrative Divisions[edit]

Taedonggang-guyŏk is divided into 25 tong (neighbourhoods):

  • Ch'ŏngryu 1-dong 청류 1동 (淸流 1洞)
  • Ch'ŏngryu 2-dong 청류 2동 (淸流 2洞)
  • Ch'ŏngryu 3-dong 청류 3동 (淸流 3洞)
  • Munhŭng 1-dong 문흥 1동 (文興 1洞)
  • Munhŭng 2-dong 문흥 2동 (文興 2洞)
  • Munsu 1-dong 문수 1동 (紋繡 1洞)
  • Munsu 2-dong 문수 2동 (紋繡 2洞)
  • Munsu 3-dong 문수 3동 (紋繡 3洞)
  • Puksu-dong 북수동 (北繡洞)
  • Ongryu 1-dong 옥류 1동 (玉流 1洞)
  • Ongryu 2-dong 옥류 2동 (玉流 2洞)
  • Ongryu 3-dong 옥류 3동 (玉流 3洞)
  • Rŭngra 1-dong 릉라 1동 (綾羅 1洞)
  • Rŭngra 2-dong 릉라 2동 (綾羅 2洞)
  • Sagok 1-dong 사곡 1동 (四谷 1洞)
  • Sagok 2-dong 사곡 2동 (四谷 2洞)
  • Soryong 1-dong 소룡 1동 (小龍 1洞)
  • Soryong 2-dong 소룡 2동 (小龍 2洞)
  • Taedonggang-dong 대동강동 (大洞江洞)
  • Tongmun 1-dong 동문 1동 (東門 1洞)
  • Tongmun 2-dong 동문 2동 (東門 2洞)
  • T'apchŏ 1-dong 탑제 1동
  • T'apchŏ 2-dong 탑제 2동
  • T'apchŏ 3-dong 탑제 3동
  • Ŭi'am-dong 의암동 (衣岩洞)


It is home to the Pyongyang University of Music and Dance.

It is connected to Chung-guyok by the Okryu Bridge, and to Rungra Island and Moranbong-guyok by the Rungra Bridge.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 39°02′07″N 125°47′21″E / 39.035336°N 125.789251°E / 39.035336; 125.789251