Taipei Municipal Lishan Senior High School

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Taipei Municipal Lishan Senior High School
100 Huanshan Rd. Neihu District Taipei 114
Type Municipal
Motto To be sagacious, distinguished and thankful.
Established 2000
School district Neihu Taipei, Taiwan
Principal Hsu Chien-Kuo
Faculty 25 Teachers
Grades 11 Classes each grade, 33 for total.
Enrollment About 860 Students
Information 886-2-26570435
Measure 4.53 km^2

Lishan High School (Taipei Municipal Lishan High School 臺北市立麗山高級中學,LSSH for short) is a senior high school in Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

The school was planned in the year 1991. At first, the school was named Lishan Science Experimental High School, and planned to recruit excellent science-aptitude students nationwide, but the city council overruled the decision. So the government canceled the proposal and started to build the school in 1993. Finally, the school established in 2000.


  • 2000 The school established and started, the first headmaster is Zheng Xian-San (鄭顯三).
  • 2004 The school started the first science-aptitude class.
  • 2005 Chen Wei-Hong (陳偉泓) become the second headmaster, and in the same year, LSSH started the first sport aptitude class.
  • 2007
    • LSSH joins the Microsoft's Taiwan School Of The Future Education Programme.
    • LSSH started the exchange programme with Bethany School.
  • 2008 LSSH started the exchange programme with the French School Of Singapore.

The school's specialties[edit]

  • A new state school which is only ten years old.
  • Special Courses: Research Methods, Research Studies and Ball Dancing.
  • A school which is famous for its science teaching and academic achievement.
  • The most beautiful campus in Taipei.
  • And with other schools in Taiwan, LSSH have the less students but better education and activities.

Research studies[edit]

Chemistry Laboratory

Research Studies Courses are taken by every 11th grade students in LSSH . The lessons is to make students discover the facts that they are interested in, and try to solve it by themselves. In other school, only students in science-aptitude class can have to opportunity to do research; but in LSSH, every students have their own chance.

Every year, the best of the student's research projects will be chosen to join to science fair. LSSH has got many prizes from these type of competition, especially in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

In 10th grade, students will have Research Methods Lessons for a preparatory course of Research Studies.

Here are the subjects that students can choose for their Research Studies:

  • About Art and Literature: Chinese, English, Social Science, (Art).
  • About Geo-Science: Geography, Geology and Astronomy.
  • About Science: Chemistry, Physics, Biology.
  • About Engineering: Electrical-Engineering.

International exchange[edit]

To broaden students' view of the world, LSSH cooperates exchange programmes with many high schools all over the world. Here are some of them:

  • Bethany School, Kent, UK: Exchange programme for boys. LSSH's students will go to UK in February, and accommodate British students in November. The exchange will be at least ten days.
  • French School, Singapore: More than ten students will be exchange every year. French students will go to Taiwan in September or November, and accommodate Taiwanese students in February. The exchange will be at least a week.
  • Little Rock Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
  • Handan Municipal First High School, Handan, Hebei Province, China。

Entrance pass marks[edit]

  • Taiwanese Students who graduate from junior high school must get a score over 270 points from the Basic Competence Test (The High School Entrance Exam in Taiwan) to get into LSSH.
  • LSSH is one of the top schools on the High School Rank of Taipei City.
  • The pass marks:
Year --BCT Pass Mark-- --PR--
2001 (M)245(F)245 90
2002 (M)239(F)239 90
2003 (M)256(F)258 92
2004 (M)258(F)260 93/94
2005 (M)260(F)260 94
2006 (M)261(F)259 94/93
2007 (M)270(F)269 95/94


  • In 2007, BCT's total mark is 312. The BCT's total mark before 2007 is 300.
  • Although LSSH is coeducation, the rate of boys and girls is 21:9, boys are more than girls.

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