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Taiping Mountain or Taipingshan (Chinese: 太平山; pinyin: Tàipíngshān) is a mountain in Datong Township, Yilan County, Taiwan. It is one of Taiwan's three major forest recreation areas.[1] At 1,950 meters (6,397 feet) above sea level, Taiping Mountain has nurtured an environment rich in ecological resources.

In the Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area (太平山國家森林遊樂區), people go up the Taiping Mountain Virgin Forest Park to ride the Pong Pong Train that runs on a track remodeled from the lumber rail in the old days. One could still see the lumber-cutting facilities and operating tools such as the cable transport, aerial lift, lumber rail and steam-powered timber hoist that have remained. These offer visitors an opportunity to learn about the early forest industry in Taiwan as well as to see the natural landscape in high mountains. It’s a great place for hiking and mountain climbing.

During the Typhoon Megi in 2016, Taipingshan received 1,015 mm (40.0 in) rain, the highest in Taiwan.[2]

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Coordinates: 24°29′37″N 121°32′06″E / 24.49361°N 121.53500°E / 24.49361; 121.53500