Tajikistan Federation of Trade Unions

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Full name Tajikistan Federation of Trade Unions
Native name Федератсияи Иттифоқҳои Касабаи Тоҷикистон
Members 1.5 million
Affiliation GCTU
Key people Murodali Salikhov, president
Office location Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Country Tajikistan

The Tajikistan Federation of Trade Unions (TFTU), (Tajik: Федератсияи Иттифоқҳои Касабаи Тоҷикистон, ФИКТ) is a national trade union center in Tajikistan. It is the successor to the Soviet trade union system and claims a membership of 1.5 million, although a portion of members are found in many enterprises which are not functioning, due to economic conditions.

The TFTU is affiliated with the General Confederation of Trade Unions.