Tajna Tanovic

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Tajna Tanovic
Born Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Origin Germany
New York City, United States
Genres Indie Rock
Indie Pop
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, actress
Instruments vocals, guitar
Years active 1985–present
Website TajnaTanovic.com

Tajna Tanovic (/ˈtnə ˈtɑːnɵvɪ/ TY-nə TAHN-ə-vich) is a German singer–songwriter and actress born in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. She has worked in the performing arts for over 20 years[1] in Sarajevo, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Germany, and New York City. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.[2]

Early work[edit]

Tanovic starred as Liza Minnelli in “Kids Cabaret” for the National Television in Sarajevo. From 1993 to 2004 Tanovic was the leading actress of Theater TAS in Germany[3] and was featured in “Project 3” by TAS touring theaters such the Munich Kammerspiele, Hamburg’s Thalia Theater and Cankar Hall, the cultural and congress center in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 1994 she was nominated for the Best Young Artist Award by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) for the role of the Girl in ”Project 3”. Performances with Theater TAS included the UNESCO Children in Need gala in Düsseldorf in 1993 and a performance in the German Parliament on Human Rights Day, 1998.[4]

New York[edit]

Tanovic was featured in the project “Canal Street Station” by 31 Down Radio Theater[5][6] gaining much press coverage.[7][8] She was the German Voice for the PUMA SoundTrip for the 2006 FIFA World Cup produced by Soundwalk.[9] In April 2009, she collaborated with Theater TAS[10] and award-winning writer/director and PEN American Center member Kaca Celan in New York City to produce the window performance and visual art installation “Yard Sale: New Footfalls...” presented by the arts organization chashama.[11] Tanovic also provided the translation of “New Footfalls”.[12] In 2010, "Yard Sale: New Footfalls..." was presented by the DUMBO Arts Festival.[13] In 2010, she was featured in the Theater TAS production "The Last Story", an award-winning drama by Kaca Celan.[14] She has worked with the production company Dalzell Productions on numerous projects.


Tanovic held two concerts (2001, 2003) at Nobel Prize winner Heinrich Böll’s summer festival in Langenbroich, Germany. Tanovic was a singer in the band “Love in Shakespeare” performing Shakespeare’s sonnets.[15] She has also written the music for the short film "Dolly Belle" (2009).[16] as well as the melody in the performance Yard Sale: New Footfalls….[17] Her songs "I Think of You" and "Hey! Hey!" were featured in the theater performance “Mirjana and those around her” by MGL Theater Ljubljana (Slovenia).[18]

I Think of You[edit]

On September 30, 2011, she self-released her debut EP I Think of You. It consists of five original songs: Mount Everest, 75 Degrees Sunny Chances of Rain, In the RaiNY City, Burning House and the title track I Think of You. It was recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, written and produced by Tajna Tanovic, produced, mixed & engineered by John Davis, mastered by Randy Merrill at Masterdisk and executive produced by Jack Sharkey. Musicians on the EP include Tajna Tanovic on lead & backing vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and percussion, John Davis on electric & double bass, keyboards, piano and percussion, Aaron Nevezie on electric guitar and Glockenspiel and Dave Burnett on drums & percussion.[19] In September 2012, she released the music video for the title song "I Think of You", written by her and directed by Samuel Nozik (Bones (TV series)).[20] The two have previously collaborated on Tajna Tanovic's short film "Dolly Belle". Scenes from the short appear in the music video for "Burning House" [21]


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