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Taka Boom (born Yvonne Stevens; October 8, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois)[1] is an American R&B and dance music singer, and is the younger sister of singer Chaka Khan and Mark Stevens of Aurra. She sang background vocals for several Parliament albums in the 1970s. Taka Boom is sometimes credited as Takka Boom and is known for her work with DJ/producer Dave Lee, especially in a range of hits under the Joey Negro name. Boom was also a later member of the Norman Whitfield group The Undisputed Truth, and led them on their 1976 disco hit "You + Me = Love".


Year Song UK US US




1976 "You + Me = Love" (with The Undisputed Truth) 43 48 5 37
"Let's Go Down to the Disco" (with The Undisputed Truth) 40 68
1979 "Red Hot" 19 70
"Night Dancin'" 74 20
"Bring It Back" 55
1983 "To Hell with Him"
"Ride Like the Wind"
1984 "The Stars Are Out"
1985 "Middle of the Night" 77 63
"Climate for Love"
1997 "Clouds" (with The Source)
1998 "Can't Get High Without U" (with Joey Negro) 1
2000 "Must Be the Music" (with Joey Negro) 8
"Saturday" (with Joey Negro) 41
2001 "Just Can't Get Enough (No No No)" (with Eye to Eye) 36
"Surrender" (with Prospect Park)
2005 "Make a Move on Me" (with Joey Negro) 11 1
2006 "When Love Is Fading" (with Solsonik)
2008 "We Existed" (with Glimpse)

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