Takashi Ono (judoka)

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Takashi Ono
Medal record
Representing  Japan
Men's Judo
World Championships
Bronze medal – third place 2005 Cairo -81 kg
Bronze medal – third place 2011 Paris -90 kg
Asian Games
Gold medal – first place 2010 Guangzhou -90 kg
Bronze medal – third place 2006 Doha -81 kg
Asian Championships
Gold medal – first place 2005 Tashkent −81 kg
Silver medal – second place 2007 Kuwait City −81 kg
Bronze medal – third place 2001 Ulaanbaatar −81 kg
Bronze medal – third place 2003 Jeju −81 kg
Bronze medal – third place 2008 Jeju −81 kg

Takashi Ono (小野 卓志, Ono Takashi, born 25 June 1980) is a Japanese judoka and winner of the 2005 Asian Judo Championships gold medal at the −81 kg category.

Ono is from Ishige, Ibaraki,[1] and has studied Judo alongside Keiji Suzuki since childhood.[2] After graduating from Tsukuba University, he joined Ryotokuji Gakuen,[3] of which Yusuke Kanamaru, Tomoo Torii, and former Asian champion Yuta Yazaki are also members. He won the all Japanese championships from 2008–2010 and, although the favorite at the Tokyo 2010 World Championships, was eliminated in the 3rd round by former Olympic champion Ilias Iliadis. Ono is renowned for his uchi mata (inner thigh throw). He is also well known for his o uchi gari (major inside leg reap). In 2009-2010, Ono was regarded as one of the most exciting judoka in the world. Despite his popularity, he lost his place in the 2012 Olympics; Japan instead chose Masashi Nishiyama at -90 kg.


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