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Text from 150 article.[edit]

One hundred fifty-five (155, CLV) is the natural number following one hundred fifty-four and preceding one hundred fifty-six. It is a composite number, and its factorization is

If you add up all the primes between 5 and 31, the result is 155. (sequence A055233 in the OEIS)

There are 155 primitive permutations of degree 81 OEISA000019.

One hundred fifty-five is also:

  • The designation of some spur routes of Interstate 55.
  • The year AD 155 or 155 BC.
  • The maximum possible score in a single break in snooker, including penalty points.
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Looks like it's all covered. Rich Farmbrough 00:20 17 March 2006 (UTC).

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