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Contested deletion[edit]

Thank you for your interest in keeping wikipedia accurate. We have dealt with this problem before. In fact it was something that came up very early in the life of this wikipedia page and it is quite understandable why someone would bring this issue up again. I tried looking for the discussion posted previously and was unable to find it. I lament that we have to re-present this issue when it has already been discussed and resolved previously. The argument for keeping this page is twofold.

First (this is an argument that they really are separate schools)- While technically being a campus of a larger school, the medical school exibits enough unique characteristics to warrant it's own page. For example, (1) the school has it's own dean and administration (2) the school has it's own acceptance process (a student of atsu-soma is NOT a student of kcom, the mother school), (3) the school has it's own curriculum unique from that of kcom, (4) the school has it's own faculty (faculty of atsu-soma are not faculty of kcom), (5) They appear as separate schools in the school catalog published by the Osteopathic Organizations CIB (6) the school has had to undergo it's own accreditation (an interesting piece of proof - if atsu-soma and kcom really were the same school - why would it need to be newly accredited? Obviously the accreditation organization -the group that defines legitimate medical schools- sees it as a separate school.)

Second (this is a argument that even if they were the same school, such has been done in the past)- While unaware of many of the wikipedia rules and laws, I do know that a precedence has been set by other articles. For example, if we should delete ATSU-SOMA then we should also delete "Harvard Medical School" because it is part of Harvard University or at least merge the Harvard Business School with the Harvard Law school (do you see the logic? our schools are as separate and distinct as harvard's law school and medical school). Or we can use the example of the University of California. This might be the best example of them all. Each and every campus of the University of California is considered it's own school despite the nomenclature distinction of being a campus of the same school. In reality they are separate schools.

I would like to thank you again for your interest. As student of this school I am more passionate about keeping this article alive than perhaps other people. I apologize if my hardline approach has come off too stong but having seen this issue before and feeling a need to keep this page alive, I wanted to make sure the argument was solid. I look forward to a response. Thanks. --Johndheathcote (talk) 13:34, 23 July 2011 (UTC)