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  • Wernstrom says "Au Revoir" although it was stated in "A Clone of My Own" that French was a dead language.

Also in the countdown to the year 3000 the French people say "seven".("Space Pilot 3000")

Isn't that just a brag to his intelligence, the same way speaking Latin in our age would be? 05:29, 23 June 2007 (UTC)

It could also be considered a loan word which it has been established are still in use. Stardust8212 12:41, 23 June 2007 (UTC)

Loose Reference?[edit]

I removed this fact:

"When the ship is advancing towards the garbage ball, it looks similar to the meteor from Final Fantasy VII after a rocket is sent to blow it up."

While that would be a really really cool thing that the makers of the best cartoon ever appreciate the best game ever, looking at the video of the rocket launch, i see very little similarity.

Tommyhaych 18:05, 17 August 2007 (UTC)

Cultural references[edit]

As I recently brought up at the wikiproject (here) it is time we did something about the cultural references sections. I am moving all unsourced references to the talk pages for the time being in hopes of creating a better, more thoroughly sourced article. Please discuss this action at the wikiproject link above so as not to split it over 72 different talk pages. The information removed from the article follows. Stardust8212 02:36, 11 September 2007 (UTC)

Cultural references[edit]

  • A pile of Bart Simpson dolls is found on the surface of the garbage ball. Also when Bender eats the doll's shorts, Bender exclaims "mmm...Shorts" in a similar way to Bart's Father, Homer Simpson.
  • Fry finds a Mr. Spock collector's plate on the surface of the big ball of garbage.
  • The entrance to City Hall is covered by a blue sign labeled CITIHALL, which is similar to the old Citibank logo.
  • The planet Ebola 9 is a reference to the fatal virus Ebola which has killed most of its victims.
  • There are several references to the movie Armageddon:
    • The Professor's first plan to destroy the ball of garbage is similar to the plot of the movie.
    • The scene where the giant hamburger asteroid crashes through the skyscraper is the same as a famous scene in the movie.
    • The scene in which the space heroes walk out to their ship is similar to the same scene in the movie; which is, in itself, also a reference to a famous shot in the film "The Right Stuff."
  • The delivery of the message from Neptune was identical to that of an outpost colony in Star Trek: The Original Series, "Balance Of Terror" when it was describing an approaching Romulan vessel's attack run on the colony.
  • The credit sequence features the song "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn. This is a reference to the 1964 black comedy Dr. Strangelove which featured the song in the ending along with a montage of nuclear bomb explosions, mirroring this episode's views of world destruction.
  • The opening subtitle, "Mr. Bender's Wardrobe by ROBOTANY 500", is a reference to 70's and 80's game shows, in that many hosts' wardrobes came from Botany 500.
  • A sign above the door of the Academy of Inventors shows four pictures: A lightbulb, a wheel, a mouse trap, and a hand holding a can of GLH-9 Hair in a Spray Can, invented and marketed by Ron Popeil. Popeil also hosts the Academy symposium and reveals he is the creator of the "technology to keep human heads alive in jars."
  • The episode states that in the year 2000, New York's garbage was put out to sea on a barge that circled the Earth, unaccepted by any country. This is very similar the Mobro 4000, a barge full of garbage that roamed the east coast of North and Central America in 1987.

Episode review[edit]

This episode, along with all other episodes from season one, is being reviewed to determine whether it currently satisfies Wikipedia's various policies in guidelines. All editors are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the discussion at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Futurama/Season 1 review. Stardust8212 18:43, 27 January 2008 (UTC)