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This was originally a three sentence article:

African reggae is true roots music.
Reggae has never been "roots music". It has always been popular music, even in Jamaica, and certainly in Africa.
If foucuses primarily on Black separitism.
Why would Africans focus on black separatism? The African countries in which reggae is most popular are black-dominated.
Afican reggage roots are deeply embeded in the slave songs song of their ancestors.
"deeply embeded" (presumably a misspelling of embedded?) does not make sense in this context. Presumably, it is meant to claim that the roots of African reggae come from slave songs. This isn't true. African reggae comes from Jamaican reggae, which is a mixture of ska, soul and R&B. One could certainly trace these styles back to slave songs, but then one could also trace them back to Spanish classical guitar styles and English hymns. — Preceding unsigned comment added by TUF-KAT (talkcontribs) 16:48, 27 February 2005