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The Jamaican popular music known as reggae has spread to much of the world, including Africa. There are many African reggae musicians with a wide fanbase both on the continent and abroad. Five particularly well-known African reggae artists are Alpha Blondy, Pax Nindi aka Harare Dread, Majek Fashek, Tiken Jah Fakoly and Lucky Dube.[1]


In 1980, world-famous Jamaican reggae musician Bob Marley performed in Harare, Zimbabwe, and that concert is often credited as marking the beginning of reggae in Africa.[2][1]


Currently available are a number of excellent compilation CDs featuring various artists. These include Black Star Liner: Reggae from Africa; Reggae Over Africa; Reggae Africa; African Reggae; Rendez vous: Reggae Times in Africa; and African Rebel Music: Roots Reggae & Dancehall.[1] The CD Black Star Liner: Reggae from Africa was issued on cassette tape and as a vinyl LP on the Heartbeat label in 1990, and issued as CD in 1992 on Heartbeat. Songs on this CD are: "Third World" by Sonny Okusuns; "Carry On" by Sabanoh 75; "You Can Make It" by Cloud 7; "Still Searching" by Bongos Ikwue and the Groovies; "Leaking Heart" by Sabanoh 75; "Destiny" by Victor Uwaifo; "Kokolioko" by Miatta Fahnbulleh; "Original Style", "Dzidzo" and "Early Days" by Pax Nindi aka Harare Dread and "Fire in Soweto" by Sonny Okusuns.[1]


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