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You can clearly see from the fragment of text referenced by this article that the Antessive case is used in a spatial sense, not a temporal. Referenced text fragment says, "space situations, which in many language systems are denoted by prepositions: (1) 'in, within' (inessive), (2) 'by, near' (adessive), (3) 'on, upon' (superficial case), (4) 'over' (superessive), (5) 'under' (subessive), (6) 'before' (antessive), (7) 'behind, beyond' (postessive), (8) 'between' and 'among' []"

Besides, no example of the mechanics of this case is provided, solely an English example.

I cannot find any reference to this case beyond Wikipedia and the sites that make use of Wikipedia and this one incorrectly used reference.