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Mass removal of lexicography[edit]

   I am undecided whether the following removed material is completely w/o value, but none of it can stand on a Dab page in the form i found it in, and it may be irredeemably inspired by the misconception that a 'pedia should try to clarify as many senses of a term as feasible.

It can also refer to the following:



== See also ==

The purpose of a Dab page is to deal with finding (what is not the case with "attack") that "it's too bad that English doesn't have more words, bcz X is the best word for each of these two encyclopedia-worthy topics". The way these links have been grouped shows they were collected here to show as many situations as possible that can be described using "attack" as a synonym. Forget listing topics that could be described as attacks; if you can think of some topics among the above that would be better described by "attack" than by the titles of their corresponding articles, let's discuss them.
--Jerzyt 09:04, 25 March 2011 (UTC)

More specific removals[edit]

   WP has never had an article on such a film, no article links to it, and its existence is not acknowledge by IMDb. Neither the deformed entry i found nor the following format-conforming entry has any business on the Dab page:

*Attack (2008 film)

   "Attack" has several senses in music that might be worthy of more than dictdefs, but

* In music, how quickly a sound reaches full volume, see ADSR envelope

is just a dictdef and a lk to a series of uses in one sense (numerical settings on synthesizers that sometimes control attack in that narrow sense, and sometimes evidently use the same circuitry to produce an effect that would apparently would not have been considered musical, or attack-like, before the introduction of synthesizers). That article merely grazes the subject of attack in that single sense, and a user interested in the info provided would be far better served by a dictdef out of the manual for the instrument. A user seeking info on musical topics called "attack", and appropriate as encyclopedia topics, would be the victim of a cruel joke if sent to the synthesizer article.
--Jerzyt 09:04, 25 March 2011 (UTC)