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The statue actually says "BARTHOLOMEO COLEONO BERGOMENSI OBMILITARE IMPERIVM OPTIME GESTVM", but the one in the States loses the H and the H and the E. Why is that? Why is the article named one way and not the way on the statue? Is the original statue wrong? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 13:12, 24 March 2007

The name on the statue is in Latin, not Italian, so his name is presented in the vernacular. Also, since I don't know whether his name may have been rendered in medieval Italian with or without an "h" (sometimes for old spellings it may have been either), I can also posit that his name has been "modernized," just like we would do with a figure like Saint Peter, for instance. No one called him Peter: they would call him Cephas or Petrus, along those lines. But since his name has a modern equivalent, that's how he is commonly known. Alekjds talk 03:35, 7 May 2007 (UTC)


Statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni in Szczecin, Poland.

The picture to the right is a (good) photograph of a statue of BC located in Szczecin, Poland. I have moved it here from the article because the sculpture seems to be no more than a copy of the Venetian original. Without being given some context within the article text—there might well be something significant to say about it—I do not see how it improves the article. Ian Spackman (talk)