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Other sleep proxies[edit]

This article seems to be based around only the Apple implementation of this feature. Perhaps the somebody would like to expand the article to include other similar services or perhaps create another header article that points to this one.Hnobley (talk) 22:44, 9 March 2011 (UTC)

I don't agree with renaming the article as it makes the article title too long and there are no other "sleep proxy service" articles to disambiguate from. Thoughts? PolarYukon (talk) 11:53, 17 April 2011 (UTC)


I have a web page explaining some aspects of how Sleep Proxy works, and how to troubleshoot when it does not. I recently discovered the Wikipedia Sleep Proxy Service page, and on 9th September added a link to my troubleshooting page. One day later, on 10th September, User Sole Soul reversed the change without explanation:

Revision history of Apple Sleep Proxy Service (Bonjour Sleep Proxy)

When I asked why, Sole Soul stated that regardless of how useful the content may be, I'm not allowed to contribute it to the Wikipedia page. Anyone else can, just not me. The only way the Wikipedia page can link to the Sleep Proxy troubleshooting page is if I suggest it on the "Talk" page and then some other user decides to restore the text that Sole Soul deleted on 10th September. Therefore, I'm suggesting it here. If you think additional information about how Sleep Proxy works is useful, please put the link back for us.

--Cheshire (talk) 22:17, 3 October 2011 (UTC)

Reinstated your link, thanks for the great info -- Dan (talk) 23:59, 21 November 2011 (UTC)