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This article sucks.[edit]

It cites no references. It contains false information: "Generally, smaller bore yields fast-revving engines with low rotational mass and therefore higher rev limits". It's poorly worded: "compression chamber" should be "combustion chamber". It contradicts itself: "When calculating displacement, one must take into account that a cylinder with limited dimensions can only compress and ignite x amount of fuel/air mixture, therefore putting out a limited amount of horsepower and torque." and " Displacement = π/4 x bore2 x stroke x number of cylinders."

It's so bad I'm embarrassed just to have read it. If i feel ambitious i may rewrite it but since i cant source my information i'm reluctant to as i dont want to get into a flame war on the interwebs. So I'm gutting it. Grabba (talk) 01:47, 13 February 2010 (UTC)