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"Danish-born" does't meet it[edit]

Münnich came from nobility in the Duchy of Oldenburg. The Danish kings were also Dukes of Oldenburg (and Dukes of Holstein) but both were not part of the Kingdom of Denmark but belonged to the Holy Roman Empire at the time. --Furfur (talk) 20:48, 27 April 2013 (UTC)

Grave vandalism[edit]

In two places, the article claims that the Soviet army "desecrated" his grave, or that the Soviets "damaged" his grave. In neither place, there is a reference.

Provided that this is true - which I do not find unlikely - it certainly should be possible to find a source for this fact, and, equally important, to give a few more details; at least, approximately when the grave was damaged. Did it happen already under the civil war at the revolution, or during the Second world war, or after the war (when Soviet rule over Estland was well established)? Was it e. g. a directed demolition of a grave monument, and/or of the grave itself; or e. g. a collateral damage due to general bombing of the area? JoergenB (talk) 20:33, 22 April 2015 (UTC)