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Possible translation issue[edit]

This was not easy to translate, especially some of the architectural terms. I believe I have it mostly right; one sentence might need improvement. The Spanish original of the sentence was "Las ventanas de la planta baja, de mayor luz, tienen un sencillo guardapolvo de traza horizontal, que desciende cóncavo en sus extremos." I rendered this as "The wide windows of the lower floor have a simple horizontal dustguard, which becomes concave at its lower ends."

To be honest, this threw me a little, because I can't picture what is being described. I don't really know an English term equivalent to "de mayor luz": it refers to pilasters or columns being widely spaced. Also, I am not sure if "horizontal dustguard" is an accurate translation in this context of "guardapolvo de traza horizontal". "que desciende cóncavo en sus extremos" didn't make a lot of sense to me in architectural terms; I've rendered it as "which becomes concave at its lower ends", but it is possible I've misunderstood.

If anyone can do better on that sentence, please have at it. - Jmabel | Talk 23:24, 29 April 2010 (UTC)