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Could someone who knows how to do these things correct the map with respect to the Faroes? The Faroes observe Western European Time (UTC+0) in winter and Western European Summer Time (UTC+1) in summer, and hence should be coloured blue. -- Picapica (talk) 10:40, 9 September 2011 (UTC)


Central European Time (UTC + one hour) during the rest of the year. It corresponds to UTC + two hours.

Make your mind up. Is it one hour or two?

CET = UTC + 1; CEST = UTC + 2. The pronoun "It" refers to CEST, not CET.

Time change shift[edit]

This article should say clearly what date/time CET shifts forward to CEST, and what date/time CEST shifts backward to CET. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 13:07, 28 October 2016 (UTC)