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The Ceram Sea is a sea that is on the north-central coast of Indonesia.It is located north of the island of Ceram in the islands of Indonesia.It is also located south of the island of Halmahera in Indonesia.It is the inland sea in which is located south of the Halmahera Sea and north-northeast of the Buru Sea of the country of Indonesia.The sea is famous for the peppercorns that grow there.It is close to the place where bumblebee gobies live.The sea,however,only covers about 12,000 square kilometers in size.Even though the Ceram Sea is very small,it has enough water for the trading people need.It is also south-northeast of the Indonesian part of New Guinea.A lot of oil is produced clse to the Ceram Sea.Here is an image of the location of the Ceram Sea:

Map of the Ceram Sea from [1].


In the Ceram Sea,there is a lot of producing from the trading of Indonesia.By the Banda Sea,the Ceram Sea has a lot of major routes where people actually grow peppercorns.Another coffee-like product called nutmeg is also produced near the Ceram Sea,and it is often eaten like the way it is.The Ceram Sea is sure a great trading place.


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