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It seems to me that this article should be merged with consensus decision-making and converted to a redirect. I just don't see a clear enough distinction to create a whole new article. Don't be surprised if this article gets nominated for vfd shortly. — Stevie is the man! Talk | Contrib 23:45, 3 Feb 2005 (UTC)

That was my first thought also but the following statement from the consensus decision-making article convinced me that a separate article seemed in order:

Accordingly U-3 and lesser degrees of unanimity are usually lumped in with statistical measures of agreement, such as: 80%, mean plus one sigma, two-thirds, or greater than half (majority) levels of agreement. Such measures do not fit within the definition of consensus given at the beginning of this article.

I'm assuming that it is the consensus (sic) of the article authors that the inclusion of a fallback voting mechanism turns this into something other than a true "consensus" process. I'm inclined to agree but I defer to the more experienced members of Wikipedeom.

Some more feedback is appreciated. Should I merge? Will this annoy the other article's authors? I'm inclined to keep it separate to avoid battles over what qualifies as "consensus".