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Demotion to Corporal from Sergeant[edit]

Well, greetings fellow old-timer (Foofbun)! I haven't heard (or seen) anyone use the expression "hard 5 (five)" to refer to a "buck" sergeant (E-5) in many decades, and since all Specialist Fives (SP5) were converted to Sergeant (SGT) circa 1978, I'm sure that most readers today won't know what that means. Anyway, since demotions are thankfully rare, and most certainly a negative action, not normally associated with a soldier's progression (or lack thereof) in his (I know there are female soldiers, and they're no longer called WACs, but the overwhelming majority of soldiers are still armed below the belt and carry a basic load of two rounds) career, I believe this addition is unnecessary. Besides, it would only occur through Article 15 or Courts Martial proceedings, anyway. I recommend this edit be reverted.CobraDragoon (talk) 22:08, 28 March 2015 (UTC)