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I'm amazed that nobody has mentioned Les loups de Chabrières --^pirate 11:13, 29 April 2006 (UTC)

Unsubstantiated opinion[edit]

The page cites:

The housing is not expensive, compared to Great Britain or Provence, and if one wants to pass a nice, calm and comfortable vacation, the Creuse is the place to go. There is much controversy, however, as to the way communities are established in the Creuse. Large communities of English people are found with little or no link to the outside. Creusois often complain that tourists and permanent immigrants make no effort to learn the language and this is a source of much discussion in the administration of the area.

== The "housing is not expensive compared to Great Britain". To where in Great Britain? Everywhere in the Creuse compared to everywhere in Britain? Cheaper than London or cheaper than Northern Ireland? And what figures to support the claim?

== Is "the Creuse the place to go" an opinion or absolute fact?

== It may be true that there is controversy about the way communities are establised. But who says so? What evidence is there? What figures are there for incomers who "make no effort to learn the language"?

== The whole is made still less reliable by the reference to "large communities of English people." There are no Scots or Welsh, presumably, no Northern Irish?

== Source of much discussion in the administration of the area. By whom? Local people? Départements? The Conseil Général? And when, and discussion of what sort?

All these assertions may well be true. I can't contest them. But equally they are unsupported and I suggest that, unless someone with inside knowledge can substantiate them, that they're deleted as not being NPOV.

I also suggest deleting the link to the French Cookery School, which is a commercial puff. Les woodland (talk) 12:32, 23 December 2007 (UTC)les woodland