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Server Side Control vs. Browser Side Control[edit]

CORS should be a control at the browser side, but it went to the wrong way, it got to the server side. More specifically, when you are at, you want to access with javascript or java applet. Your browser will not allow this because of the "same origin policy". Now to extend this, it is also a policy for the browser, then why get into the server side to control the server? Got crazy? CORS is a control at the server side which is different from

The webpage sthFrom1st.html needs to tell the web browser what sites can be deemed as the same origin.

In fact, I think that this is easy to specify. In the html head, we can specify additional domains should be allowed to access. Browsers read these, then the original domain and the additional domains are all deemed to be the same origin. Currently, it is the browser block us. I am at, then I access, with ajax or xmlhttprequest, use firefox, I can clearly see that the remote server returns everything, and everything is good. but the browser does not allow me to access the content.

Jackzhp (talk) 23:58, 25 June 2011 (UTC)

This is not the right place for discussing the future of browser technology. I suggest you bring your use case and proposal to the mailing list of the Web Applications Working Group of W3C, where CORS, the specification of Cross Domain control in your terminology and the subject of this entry, is being developed. I'll delete your section for the moment as "we" (and also future stuff) is fairly rare in Wikipedia. — Kennyluck (talk) 22:29, 27 June 2011 (UTC)

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URLs in examples[edit]

The following URL, used in the "simple example" section, does not follow best standard practice. As per RFC 2606:

should be:

— Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:08, 1 January 2013 (UTC)

Orphaned references in Cross-origin resource sharing[edit]

I check pages listed in Category:Pages with incorrect ref formatting to try to fix reference errors. One of the things I do is look for content for orphaned references in wikilinked articles. I have found content for some of Cross-origin resource sharing's orphans, the problem is that I found more than one version. I can't determine which (if any) is correct for this article, so I am asking for a sentient editor to look it over and copy the correct ref content into this article.

Reference named "ars-blink":

I apologize if any of the above are effectively identical; I am just a simple computer program, so I can't determine whether minor differences are significant or not. AnomieBOT 03:51, 30 August 2015 (UTC)