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List of utility function[edit]

To avoid speedy deletion, so put it temporarily here.

There are many utility functions used in literature. This page is trying to collect all kinds of utility used in the literature.

Most utilities have the elasticity of intertemporal substitution as the relative risk aversion. The one can separate these two parameters come as an attack on risk premium puzzle. This is not an easy one.

Some terms used to identify a utility function.

   * CES (constant elasticity of substitution, or isoelastic) utility
   * Exponential utility
   * Quasilinear utility
   * Homothetic utility
   * Habit formulation affects the utility
   * Epstein & Zin utility[1]: U_{t}=\left(u_{t}^{1-\frac{1}{\psi}}+\beta\left[E_{t}\left(U_{t+1}^{1-\gamma}\right)\right]^{\frac{1-\frac{1}{\psi}}{1-\gamma}}\right)^{\frac{1}{1-\frac{1}{\psi}}} 

Swallow study[edit]

Barium swallow shows that when you eating, some stuff will "always" get into your lung.

One image: the barium in the lung:[[1]]

papers mention barium in lung:

  • Severe barium sulfate aspirationinto the lung: clinical presentation, prognosis and therapy.

Tamm I, Kortsik C. Abteilung Hämatologie und Onkologie, Medizinische Universit atsklinik, Freiburg, Deutschland.

  1. ^ Epstein, L.G. & Zin, S.E. (1989). Substitution, Risk Averion, and the Temporal Behavior of Consumption and Asset Returns: A theoretical Framework. Econometrica, 57(4), 937-969.


Some people want to delete it quickly, so I put VPal here. By the way, I am not trying to promote it, instead, I am concerned since the people behind VPal are not identified.

Some Chinese invented a new digital currency VBC. It was said it is based on ripple's RTXP, they change its name to VTXP.

Compared to XRP, VBC is much more popular. At present VBC/USD=80 (from [[2]]), and VBC/CNY=500 (from [3]).

At present, the problem with vpal is that the executives are not public identified. There is no way to find out who is running,,, and, not to mention where they are. People should be concerned whether it is a scam.

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