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Digital composite video[edit]

How does this work? Is it digital sampling of the monochrome picture and the PAL/NTSC/whatever colour subcarrier? --Zilog Jones (talk) 22:11, 30 May 2009 (UTC)

yes, that's right. It's basically an analog signal such as you might get from a VHS tape machine -- only a lot nicer See Composite_video. Should we explain this more clearly for the reader? XyKyWyKy (talk) 22:09, 15 September 2013 (UTC)
Zilog: Please understand that when you're dealing with composite video you can regard the entire thing as one (very complicated) signal to be recorded, played back, etc... as long as you have the bandwidth. Yes, there is a color subcarrier in there (about 3.58 MHz for NTSC) but the luma information extends higher in bandwidth than that (to about 4.2 MHz). So the ADC in a system like this doesn't have to deal with the color subcarrier as anything separate. Note that the old Ampex two inch quad analog machines did the same thing, recording and playing back composite video directly. Jeh (talk) 23:07, 15 September 2013 (UTC)

Notes on revisions of Sep 14-15 2013[edit]

  • Entire article seems to be based on (or is that vice-versa? Maybe that article borrowed from an early version of this article)
  • 2nd paragraph: "airchains, television studios, post-production and linear editing" REMOVED: is this list needed? Seems to disturb flow of the sentence.
  • Models: reformatted by grouping model series on a single line
  • "gallery" REMOVED: only one image, which duplicated image from info box
  • "See also D5 HD" REMOVED: this has nothing to do with composite digital

XyKyWyKy aka raffriff42 (talk) 08:03, 16 September 2013 (UTC)