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Dauphiné Viennois[edit]

This article should really be under that title as it's not the only Dauphiné in history.--Caranorn (talk) 22:38, 16 June 2008 (UTC)

The Dauphiné[edit]

Google "The Dauphiné" -Isère -Albon cyclist OR race for nearly 64,000 hits
Google "The Dauphiné" -cyclist -race Isère OR Albon for less than 8,000 hits.
Clearly, also in English "Dauphiné" is mainly the famous cycling race, and not a long forgotten province. Except that live TV (and evening summaries) have shown the area, including views from helicopters and often (in day time) some modern day background information. Therefore, a mere link to the article specifically about the race, did not suffice. It justifies the today increased description about it in this article. "Dauphiné Viennois" is not a very well known term and is obviously misleading for most readers, and was not [always] the name for e.g. the province and while it was in use, the proper name appears to have been "Dauphiné de Viennois".

Google "The Dauphiné Viennois" -cyclist -race Isère OR Albon for about 40,000 hits.
Google "The Dauphiné Viennois" -Isère -Albon cyclist OR race still gets nearly 17,000 hits, and I seriously doubt so many articles about cycling to have mentioned that name for the area. It does not appear to be a better name for it than 'Dauphiné' is.

Thus, either this article should stick to today's concept with a strong emphasis on the race that made and keeps the area relatively wellknown, or 'Dauphiné' should become a true disambiguation page to 'Dauphiné (bicycling race)' and 'Dauphiné (area in France)'. The latter would however still need to pay quite a lot of attention to the present-day most practical context: the area is still being referred to by its historical name. Hence, I think changing the concept would hardly be an improvement, but rather a waste of time and effort. I assume Caranorn here above, to have referred to some term "dauphiné", which would in English probably be a dauphiny. The term in French does not need an article but it might be wrong to maintain the redirect of 'dauphiny' to Dauphiné, and then the latter should get a link under 'dauphiny' to an article about also other similarly named regions that may have existed.
▲ SomeHuman 2015-09-09 06:40-07:01 (UTC)