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Added tone and plot tags[edit]

I have tagged the article for inappropriate tone and too much plot summary, but didn't make any changes because I haven't read the book myself.

Some examples of what I find to be inappropriate tone (informal, not encyclopedic):

She realizes she can't read his mind, a new thing for her.

He leaves enraged, but she realizes he'll get over it. Sookie sleeps with Bill, her first, but she is creeped out by his vampire friends, who aren't as happy with Bill's decision to go mainstream.

Sookie babysits for Arlene, when she returns to get her kids, Bill has brought dumb vampire Elvis Presley, now called Bubba and possessing none of his former knowledge, to guard her house.

Additionally, the plot summary is repetitive and at times confusing. I feel much of it could be cut without damaging the article. --Mwillia9 ([[User talk:Mwillia9|talk]]) 16:08, 18 May 2009 (UTC)

Is a body count really needed? especially since the pot is poorly written?