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  • Doesn't a merge better reflect the way in which scholars approach these inscribed stones? Context is the encyclopedic element lacking in lists and in dictionary-like isolated descriptions such as this one. --Wetman 17:19, 5 December 2006 (UTC)
I feel like I am talking to people who haven't a clue. When Leap year was implemented, no future Rosetta Stone, and stone for Ptolemy IV existed.
And what you don't know, or care to understand, is that Ptolemy II had the first memorial Stele. I have not read what is on it, but I believe it is the typical, autobiographical story, of his (life, or his later achievements). It really is the stela that probably influenced his son, Ptolemy III.
I know it is hard to realize that the future two stelas did not exist yet. If you read the entire English or (the other two scripts), this is not a simple story, It is EQUIVALENT to the Rosetta Stone in length, and in topic complexity. [It was Ptolemy IV who was doing military stuff, thus HIS story is a little shorter(maybe 80 per cent the length). (I just reread it.) (Read it in the Budge, Rosetta Stone, reference.)(The Ptolemy IV story is military, and booty, and ceremonies related-restoring things, and burning cities to give them a hint of Egypt's power. The Decree of Canopus references the same 3-scripts as the Rosetta Stone. The Decree for Ptolemy IV does not appear to (from the Demotic translation). It is the story of warring in Syria, and Palestine. ]
AANNNDDDD..... if you actually read the translation, one can possibly get some clues to the AdoratrixAdoratrice stuff, and virgin-Mary stuff. It all came from somewhere. (Because of the extensive male and female priest groups created, to deal with the Topic: the Death of Daughter Berenice. More that half the story of the "Decree of Canopus" concerns HER.) (from the SonoranDesert- Ariz. -Mmcannis 05:52, 31 March 2007 (UTC)

Validity of the Leap year stela[edit]

Again, why would you claim a Stele, more preserved, than the Rosetta stone, with 2-copies, almost 100 percent each, less important than the Rosetta Stone? History is not done by consensus. If you don't know, if you aren't cognizant that this is this first implementation of Leap year, do you think ignoring it, is gonna make Julius Caesar more valid? This Stele is obviously more valid, in so many ways. (Our societies are lacking in learning, in all parts of the world, (for whatever the reasons). ..(from the ArizDeserts ...-Mmcannis 06:04, 31 March 2007 (UTC)