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Elementals (Comico) draft to do list[edit]

I've got plans to do quite a bit of work on the Elementals including updating this article and creating articles for notable characters and teams. Not sure who else is a stakeholder here so posting this as a heads up.

First question: Should the comic have a separate entry to the team (like 'the X-Men' does?) or a combined entry? I'm thinking combined as it's no longer extant (though there are rumours of it reappearing next year as a team up with Justice Machine).

Proposition for to do list:

  • Update/refresh overview
  • Create Publication History. Possible headings:
    • Pre regular series
      • Justice Machine Annual 1
      • mention Villains and Vigilantes
    • Volume 1 & spin offs
    • Volume 2 & spin offs
    • Volume 3 & spin offs
    • Rebirth. When this can be cited. The publishers of Justice Machine have indicated they may have a crossover which involves the Elementals next year. This was mentioned in a forum by the publisher but nothing official as yet.
  • Create superteambox based on a combined team/publication model
  • Elementals team - brief mention here. Create articles for each.
    • Morningstar
    • Monolith (Tommy) - including his time post-Monolith
    • Vortex
    • Fathom
    • Monolith (Donald) - create one Monolith entry and have a subsection for Donald.
  • Notable other characters/teams - depending on number of mentions some may have their own articles.
    • Saker
    • Shapeshifter
    • The Destroyers (team and individuals)
    • The Rapture (team and individuals)
    • Ratman
    • Merlin Ambrose
    • Thor - already has his own page here Thor
    • Captain Cadaver
    • Strikeforce America
    • Lord Oblivion
    • Other delegates at the Congress of the Supernature - more suggestions to follow
  • Spin offs and crossovers - Covering the content in the publication history but listing them all here. Each spin-off (limited series, cancelled series and one-shots) covered. At this moment not considering separate articles for these.
  • existing Major themes section - want to try to find some citations if possible. Want to add notable concepts and places also for entries like these:
    • Supernature (as understood within the Elementals comics)
    • Shadowspear
    • Nacht Island
    • Avalon
    • Asgard
    • The Oblivion War and the Congress of the Supernature
  • Notable creators list to include for example Bill Willingham and Frank Quitely
  • Create In Other Media section
    • Villains & Vigilantes games
  • Update bibliography