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Pilot: Part 1[edit]

Jack Shephard wakes up in the jungle, wherein he sees Vincent walking through the bamboo. Confused and disoriented, Jack attempts to gather his thoughts, when he hears screams in the distance. Running to the nearby beach, he is confronted with the carnage of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Jack immediately springs into action, administering medical aid and asking other survivors to assist him with more difficult rescues. In quick fashion, Jack assists Claire, enlists Hurley to watch her, and administers CPR to Rose.

After the initial shock of the crash passes, Jack slips off to tend to his own wounds. Here he meets Kate, whom he asks to stitch up his wound. During their initial conversation, Kate reveals that their plane had disintegrated in mid-air. Later on the beach, Jack tends to an unconscious man who has been badly injured, while Kate curiously looks on. Other survivors, including Michael and Walt, meet to discuss what to do with the bodies in the wreckage, as an uninterested Sawyer looks on. This discussion prompts Sayid to organize a cleanup. Hurley salvages meals from the plane’s galley and distributes them to the survivors, while Shannon refuses food offered by Boone, believing instead that their rescue was imminent.

That night, the peacefulness of the camp is disturbed by loud noises emanating from the nearby jungle. In the morning Jack decides that the survivors need to send a distress signal if they hope to be rescued, and he believes the best solution is to use the plane’s transceiver. With Kate and Charlie to assist him, Jack sets off into the jungle to find the cockpit. As they move deeper into the jungle, a sudden rainstorm comes up. When the trio finds the plane, resting against a tree, they are forced to climb through the rows of seats to reach the cabin. Inside, they find the pilot still in his seat. Charlie disappears into the bathroom while Jack and Kate talk to the pilot. He tells them that the plane had lost radio contact before the crash, and, due to a change in course, was 1000 miles off course when they crashed.

Meanwhile, on the beach during the rainstorm, a group of survivors takes refuge in the wreckage. While huddled under the wreckage, a young Korean man, Jin, tells his wife Sun that she should remain close to him at all times. Even as most of the survivors have taken refuge, one person remains outside: John Locke, who sits alone in the rain on the beach with his arms outstretched. Back in the jungle, the conversation in the cockpit is interrupted when the strange entity from the previous night appears. When the pilot investigates, he is seized by some unseen presence, prompting the trio to grab the transceiver and flee the cockpit. During the escape, Charlie falls. Jack returns to help him, while a terrified Kate runs on. After the entity disappears, Kate, Charlie and Jack reunite and begin walking back to camp. As they walk, they find the pilot’s bloodied corpse suspended in the tree tops.

Pilot: Part 2[edit]

Jack, Kate, and Charlie head back to the beach. Kate asks Charlie what he was doing in the bathroom, and he says he was sick. A flashback reveals Charlie sitting on the plane nervously tapping his fingers. He sees the flight attendants talking about him and quickly gets up to go into one of the lavatories. He enters the lavatory in first-class, and takes a hit of heroin. Before he can flush his stash there is turbulence and he exits the lavatory and sits in the nearest seat.

While looking for Vincent, Walt discovers a pair of handcuffs. He gives them to Michael. Jack, Kate, and Charlie return to the beach to discover Sawyer and Sayid fighting. Michael gives the handcuffs to Jack, and Sawyer accuses Sayid of crashing the plane. Sayid takes the transceiver and fixes it, however it does not have a signal or much battery life. He reveals to Hurley that he was a communications officer with the Iraqi Republican Guard in the Gulf War. Charlie walks away from the crowd and takes a hit of heroin. Jack asks Hurley to find antibiotics. Sawyer pulls a letter from his pocket and smokes a cigarette while he reads it. John Locke introduces Walt to Backgammon, and tells him a secret.

Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Boone, Sawyer, and Shannon take the transceiver inland in an attempt to get a signal. Jack stays behind to tend to the wounded man. On the way they are attacked by an unseen animal, which Sawyer kills with a gun. When they look down at the dead animal they discover that it is a polar bear. Jack wants to pull the shrapnel metal out of the wounded man, and asks Hurley to hold him down if he regains consciousness during the operation. Hurley passes out on top of the man. Sawyer tells the others he got the gun from the body of a dead US Marshal. Sayid accuses Sawyer of being the marshal's prisoner. Kate takes the gun from Sawyer and Sayid instructs her on how to dismantle it.

A flashback reveals the final moments of the flight. Kate is talking to the US Marshal, the same man who Jack is tending to. Kate raises her hands, and she is wearing the handcuffs that Walt found in the jungle. After he is knocked unconscious by a suitcase, Kate uncuffs herself, and puts on the marshal’s oxygen mask on him before attaching her own.

Back at the beach, the marshal wakes up during the operation and asks Jack, "Where is she?” Inland, Sayid turns on the transceiver and it has a signal. However, it's being blocked by a transmission in French that has been repeating for over sixteen years. Shannon translates the transmission to: "I'm alone now, on the island alone. Please someone come. The others are dead. It killed them. It killed them all." They deduce that whoever made that transmission has been stranded on the island for sixteen years.

Tabula Rasa[edit]

Ray Mullen in episode Tabula Rasa

Jack is tending to the marshal, who mutters, "Don't trust her. She's dangerous." When Jack asks him who "she" is, the Marshal instructs him to look in his jacket pocket. Jack discovers Kate’s mug shot.

The signal party returns down the mountain. It's growing dark, so they make camp for the night. They decide not to tell the others about the French transmission in order to preserve hope. When a fight breaks out over who should keep the gun, they agree to give it to Kate. At the beach, Jack continues trying to save the marshall. Hurley enters, stumbles across Kate's picture, and asks, "What do you think she did?"

In flashback, Kate is awakened by a farmer, Ray, who wants to know why she is sleeping in his barn. Using the pseudonym Annie, Kate is offered a job on the farm.

The next morning the signal party returns to the beach. Kate pulls Jack aside and tells him about the French transmission. He asks if there is anything else she'd like to tell him. Kate inquires about the marshal and Jack lies, telling Kate the man said nothing. Jack enters the fuselage to find antibiotics and discovers Sawyer looting the bodies. Charlie helps Claire collect luggage using a wheelchair from the plane. Hurley bumps into Kate at the infirmary and, after a curt introduction, nervously runs away.

In a flashback, Kate leaves Ray’s farm. But when she accepts a ride from Ray to the train station, she learns that he is planning on turning her in to the authorities for reward money. Kate sees the marshal driving behind them. She jerks the wheel and crashes the truck off the road. She misses her chance to escape while saving Ray.

The marshal wakes and tries to choke Kate. When Kate suggests to Jack that they euthanize him, Jack reveals that he has seen her mug shot and that he is not a murderer. Michael asks Walt about Locke, and then instructs Walt to stay away from the man. Walt says that Locke’s secret is that a miracle happened to him. Michael looks for Vincent in the jungle and stumbles upon a topless Sun washing herself.

The marshal’s painful screams are taking a toll on the group. The marshal tells Jack he wants to speak to Kate alone. While she is in the tent, Hurley tells Jack that Kate has a gun. Jack sees Kate leave the tent, and the gun is fired. Sawyer walks out of the tent and says he did what had to be done. However, the marshal's screams continue. Sawyer has failed to kill him. Jack throws an extremely shaken Sawyer out of the tent and, a few moments later, the moans stop. Jack walks past Sawyer without saying a word.

The next morning, Locke uses the dog whistle he made to find Vincent. He tells Michael, who returns Vincent to Walt. Kate wants to tell Jack what she did, but he replies that it doesn’t matter who everyone was before the crash.


When boars raid the fuselage, Jack decides it has to be burned. Four days after the crash the survivors discover that their food is exhausted, and wonder what to do. John Locke suggests they should hunt boar in the jungle. Locke, Kate, and Michael set out hunting. Sayid gives Kate takes the transceiver and asks her to find a signal.

In a flashback, Locke is at work in an office building playing a game of Risk during his lunch hour. His manager, Randy, taunts him when he discovers that Locke is going on an Australian walkabout. At home in his studio apartment, Locke is talking to a woman named Helen on the phone. He invites her to go to the walkabout, but she declines and says that she does not meet customers. She then offers to talk to Locke for another hour if he pays for it. Locke angrily hangs up the phone.

Michael is injured while hunting, and Kate escorts him back to the beach. Along the way she climbs a tree to use the transceiver, but when she sees the monster she drops it, and the transceiver breaks. Locke has a close encounter with the monster. However, instead of running from it, Locke stands his ground.

At the beach the castaways are clearing supplies out of the fuselage. Claire decides to lead a memorial ceremony for the deceased passengers. Boone suggests that Jack talk to Rose, who has acted distant since their arrival on the island. Rose tells Jack that her husband, who was in the tail section of the plane when it crashed, is still alive.

Michael and Kate return to camp. Sayid is angry that Kate broke the transceiver. When she goes to tell Jack about Locke, Jack sees a man in a suit walk into the jungle. Jack chases after him and Kate follows. They find Locke with a slain wild boar.

In a flashback, Locke is in Australia talking to one of the leaders on the walkabout. He refuses to let Locke come because of his condition, saying it’s too big of a risk for the insurance company. As the man gets up to leave, Locke is revealed to be in a wheelchair. In a flashback to minutes after the crash, Locke is laying on his back in the sand. He wiggles his toes, then slowly and clumsily stands up.

That night Claire holds a memorial service for the dead passengers using information she found in their passports, wallets, and luggage. Charlie takes a hit of heroin before attending. His stash is running low. Jack does not attend the memorial service.

White Rabbit[edit]

A flashback shows Jack and a friend as kids being beaten up. One bully gives Jack the chance to leave, but he decides to help his friend, causing him to be beaten even more. Joanna, a character who had not been previously mentioned, drowns in the ocean. Boone fails to save her, and Jack rescues Boone, leaving Joanne to drown. Jack is distraught that he failed to save her and sees the man in a suit again.

Hurley and Charlie want Jack to decide how to handle the lack of water. In a flashback, Jack’s father sees Jack’s beaten face. His father tells Jack he shouldn’t be a hero because “he doesn’t have what it takes.” On the island Jack sees the man in the suit, and chases him. Jack catches up with him and discovers it’s his father. Jack’s father turns and walks away without a word.

In a flashback, Jack’s mother tells him that his father has left for Australia. His mother wants him to bring his father back. Jack reluctantly agrees. On the island Claire faints from heat exhaustion, and they discover that the remaining water has been stolen. Locke goes into the jungle to look for water.

Jack deliriously stumbles through the jungle looking for his father. A flashback shows Jack searching the hotel his father was staying at, and interrogating the manager. On the island, Jack falls off a cliff while running. He hangs onto a branch, but cannot climb up. Locke appears and helps Jack.

On the beach, Charlie offers Claire some water. They talk and form a bond. Sayid finds that Sun has water, and she reveals that Sawyer gave it to them. Kate follows Saywer to his stash of stuff he looted from the fuselage, but he doesn’t have the water.

Locke tells Jack that the others need a leader, and it should be him. Jack reveals that his father is a hallucination. Locke claims the island is “special”, and everything that happens on it happens for a reason. He says, “I looked into the eye of this island and what I saw was beautiful.” They split up: Locke looks for water, and Jack follows his hallucination.

In a flashback Jack is at the morgue. The doctor says that Jack’s father died of alcohol poisoning. Jack identifies the body. That night on the island, Jack discovers caves with an abundance of fresh water. More wreckage from the plane is here, including a coffin. A flashback shows Jack at the airport. The airline refuses to put his father’s body on the plane because he does not have the proper documentation. On the island, Jack opens the coffin to find it’s empty. He destroys it out of anger.

On the beach Boone gives water to Claire. Charlie sees him and drags him out of the tent. The others start pushing Boone, asking him where the water is. Jack appears and tells everyone about the caves. Sawyer is delighted that people hate Boone more than him. Jack tells Kate about his father.

House of the Rising Sun[edit]

A flashback shows Sun at a party. Jin, a waiter, passes Sun a note telling her to meet him in private. Sun wants to run away with Jin, but Jin insists they tell her father they are seeing each other.

Jack, Kate, Charlie, and Locke go to the caves. Jin attacks Michael for no apparent reason. Sawyer and Sayid handcuff Jin to the wreckage. Michael says the attack was racially motivated. At the caves they discover two bodies, who Locke dubs ‘’Adam and Eve’’. Jack estimates they have been dead for 40-50 years, and finds a pouch on them containing two stones: one black, one white.

In a flashback, Jin returns from talking to Sun’s father. Her father approves of their relationship as long as Jin takes a job working for her father. One night after they’re married, Jin returns home covered in someone else’s blood. He tells Sun he was doing work for her father.

At the beach, Jin tells Sun Michael has her father’s watch. Locke and Charlie are clearing the wreckage at the caves and Locke tells Charlie he recognizes him from Drive Shaft. Charlie is relieved that someone finally recognizes him.

Jack and Kate return to the beach and Jack starts selling people on the idea of moving to the caves. The castaways argue whether to stay on the beach where a rescue party could see them, or move to the caves, where there’s more shelter and have fresh water. The group splits into two camps: some stay at the beach, while others move to the caves.

The next flashback takes place several years later. Sun secretly plots to leave Jin and her father, so she will be free to go wherever she wants. On the island Sun finds Michael alone, and in perfect, unbroken English says, “I need to talk to you.” Michael is shocked that she speaks English. Sun says Jin does not know that she speaks English. She explains that Jin attacked Michael because of the watch he’s wearing. Michael says he found it in the wreckage. The watch belongs to Sun’s father, and Jin became angry when he saw Michael wearing it.

At the caves, Locke tells Charlie that he knows Charlie is addicted to heroin. Locke says if Charlie gives up his drugs, the island will give him his guitar, which he deeply misses. Locke finds the guitar, and Charlie is ecstatic. On the beach Kate refuses to go with Jack to the caves. Michael approaches Jin with an axe and cuts him free, however half of the handcuff still remains on his hand. He gives the watch back to Jin and tells Jin to stay away from him and Walt.

A flashback shows Sun at the airport about to leave Jin forever. However, she can’t do it, and gets on the doomed flight with Jin. That night at the caves Charlie plays his guitar as Jack returns with people from the beach.

The Moth[edit]

Charlie is suffering from withdrawal, and when walking in the jungle a boar chases him. In a flashback, Charlie is in church confessing his sins. He comes out of confession and sees Liam, who tells Charlie that Drive Shaft has a recording contract. Locke traps the boar and thanks Charlie for being bait. Charlie asks Locke for the heroin. Locke says that he’ll gives Charlie the drugs the third time he asks.

Sayid, Kate and Boone attempt to triangulate the French transmission. At the caves, Charlie searches through Jack’s medicine for something to replace his heroin. When Jack catches him, Charlie says he has a headache and wants aspirin.

In a flashback, Charlie doesn’t want to sign the record contract because he morally disagrees with the sex and drugs the band engages in. Liam talks him into it as long as Charlie can quit any time he’s had enough. One evening at a show, Liam starts singing the chorus to ‘’You All Everybody’’, which is suppose to be sung by Charlie. He yells at Liam after the show, but Liam reassures him it won’t happen again.

When Jack upsets Charlie by telling him to move his luggage, Charlie confronts him in a cave. Charlie’s shouting causes the entrance to the cave collapse. Charlie escapes, but Jack is trapped inside.

Using his construction experience, Michael leads the rescue attempt. In the jungle, Sawyer goes to warn Kate about Jack, but decides against he doesn’t like Kate’s attitude. Charlie tells Locke about Jack. Charlie asks for his drugs a second time, so Locke shows him a moth cocoon. Locke explains that he could help the moth by slitting the cocoon, but it would not survive. Instead, the moth needs to struggle to break free. Nature and struggle make people stronger, indicating to Charlie that he needs to fight through his suffering.

Kate and Sawyer stay at the second triangulation point, while Sayid goes to the third point. Sawyer tells Kate about Jack, and she runs back to the caves. Charlie squeezes through an opening at the cave and finds Jack. A flashback shows Charlie finding Liam high on heroin with groupies. Charlie kicks them out, and tells Liam that he’s done with the band. Liam says no, causing Charlie to use heroin for the first time. Years later, Charlie visits Liam is Australia and wants him to rejoin Drive Shaft for their comeback tour. Liam refuses, but they can’t do it without him. He criticizes Charlie for still using, and Charlie blames Liam for getting him started with drugs. Charlie angrily leaves, and says he has a plane to catch.

After resetting Jack’s shoulder, they dig out of the cave. Jack confronts Charlie about using drugs, and reassures him that it’ll be okay. Charlie asks Locke for his heroin, looks at it, and tosses it into the fire. Charlie and Locke see the previously cocooned moth flying away. Before Sayid is able to triangulate the signal someone knocks him out.

Confidence Man[edit]

A flashback shows Sawyer sleeping with a woman, Jessica. He gets out of bed, and money falls out of a suitcase he picks up, shocking Jessica. On the island, Sawyer catches Boone rifling through his stash. Later, Shannon brings a bloody Boone to the caves, claiming Sawyer beat him. Boone says that Sawyer has Shannon’s asthma medicine, and she could die without it. Jack confronts Sawyer, who doesn’t give any answers. A flashback reveals Sawyer is going to use the money to invest in oil, tripling his money. Jessica wants in, saying she can use her husband’s money.

Sawyer says he’ll give up the medicine if Kate kisses him. Kate calls his bluff and calls him out on the letter he often reads. Sawyer makes Kate read the letter aloud. It’s addressed to Mr. Sawyer. The author says Sawyer slept with his mother and stole his father’s money, causing the father to murder his mother then kill himself. The author says he’ll find Sawyer and give him the letter he knows what he did to the author’s family.

Shannon has an asthma attack as Sawyer approaches. He refuses to give Jack the medicine. Sawyer is having lunch with Jessica and her husband in a flashback, and they agree to invest with Sawyer. Charlie wants Claire to move to the caves, but she likes the beach more. Claire agrees to move to the caves when Charlie brings her a peanut butter. Charlie asks Hurley about peanut butter, saying Hurley hasn’t lost any weight, to which Hurley says he’s down two belt notches.

When Shannon’s asthma gets worse, Sayid tortures Sawyer until he gives an answer. Sayid and Jack tie Sawyer to a tree. Sayid sticks a piece of bamboo under his fingernails, causing Sawyer a great deal of pain. Sawyer gives in and says he’ll tell Kate, but only if she kisses him. After he passionately kisses Kate, he tells her he doesn’t have it. He went through torture to kiss Kate. Sayid believes Sawyer is lying, and they begin fighting. Sayid stabs Sawyer with Locke’s knife in the upper arm.

A flashback shows Sawyer closing the deal with Jessica and husband. Their son enters, and Sawyer calls the deal off. He wakes up on the island to find his arm bandaged. Kate had been rereading Sawyer’s letter. She sees the stamp on it from Knoxville, and discovers the letter wasn’t written to Saywer, but from him. Sawyer tells Kate about his flashback. When he say that boy he realized he had became the man he was hunting, and took the pseudonym Sawyer. He snatches the letter from Kate and tells her to leave. An herbal medicine made by Sun helps Shannon get better. Charlie approaches Claire with an empty jar and tells her it’s peanut butter. She’s so flattered she moves to the caves. Sayid leaves the group because he was ashamed of what he did to Sawyer.


Sayid finds a cable running out of the ocean and into the jungle. He follows it, and falls into a trap. A mysterious woman cuts him down and ties him to a bed in a bunker. She asks where Alex is, but when Sayid says he does not know she electrocutes him. Sayid tells his torturer his story and about the French transmission. The torturer then identifies herself as Danielle Rousseau, the person who sent out the distress signal. Danielle finds a picture of a woman among Sayid’s possessions, and he identifies her as Nadia.

In a flashback, Sayid is torturing a prisoner who will not answer his questions. When he steps outside, he recognizes a new prisoner. He is then instructed to torture her until she answers his questions. Sayid discovers that the woman is Nadia, a childhood friend. She reveals that she has been tortured before, and anything Sayid does won’t persuade her to talk.

At camp everyone is stressed. Locke and his new hunting companion, Ethan, give some new luggage to Hurley. He looks through it and finds golf clubs. The next morning Hurley builds a golf course to improve morale among the survivors.

Danielle asks Sayid about Nadia, and he says she is dead because of him. Danielle shows Sayid a broken music box, and he tells her he will fix it. She gives Sayid a sedative and moves him. Danielle tells Sayid she was part of a science team, and they crashed on the island about three days from Tahiti. She identifies The Others as the carriers of a sickness that her companions caught, and says they whisper in the jungle. Sayid doesn’t believe her, and continues to fix the music box. After he is finished he asks Danielle to let him go. They hear a growl outside, and Danielle pursues it, leaving Sayid alone.

In a flashback, Sayid’s superior tells him to execute Nadia. He cuffs Nadia and puts a hood over her head. When they are alone he frees her and tells her how to escape. He then shoots himself in the leg to make it look like she overpowered him.

Sayid escapes from Rousseau's bunker while she is gone and grabs a rifle and notes she made about the island. Danielle finds him and they have a standoff. He fires the rifle, but nothing happens. Danielle says she removed the firing pin, and Robert, one of her companions, made the same mistake before she killed him. Sayid talks Danielle into letting him go. Before he does, Sayid asks about Alex. Danielle says that Alex was her child. While trying to find his way back to camp, Sayid hears the whispering Danielle told him about.

Raised by Another[edit]

Claire wakes up screaming two nights in a row and insists that someone held her down and stabbed her stomach. However, she has no stab wounds. This attack persuades Hurley to take a census of the survivors.

In a flashback, Claire takes a pregnancy test with the assistance of her boyfriend, Thomas, and it’s positive. Thomas reassures her that everything will be fine and they’ll be good parents. Claire goes to a psychic who knows she’s pregnant, but refuses to tell Claire what he “saw”. One day when Thomas comes home he leaves Claire, saying that he’s not ready for the responsibility.

While conducting his census, Hurley talks to Ethan Rom, who seems concerned about giving his information to Hurley. Jack suggests to Claire that she wasn't attacked and offers her a sedative. Claire angrily leaves the caves to move to the beach.

Claire returns to the psychic and asks him for another reading. He automatically knows that Thomas left her and warns her that what he sees may not be pleasant. He says that Claire must raise the baby by herself, and that if it is parented by anyone else it will be in danger. The psychic repeatedly calls Claire, and she tells him she’s going to an adoptive services agency.

Boone tells Hurley that Sawyer has the flight manifest, and that could help him take the census. Sawyer surprisingly gives it to Hurley without any objection. While Charlie is trying to help Claire move back to the beach, she starts having contractions. Charlie says he can deliver the baby, but after accidentally confesses to Claire that he’s a recovering drug addict, she yells at him to get Jack, leaving her alone in the jungle.

In a flashback, Claire is about to sign papers so a married couple could adopt her baby. However, none of the pens she tries works. After thinking it over, she walks out on the adoption agency, goes to the psychic. He gives her $12,000 and a ticket on Flight 815 and says a couple in Los Angeles will adopt the baby.

Charlie finds Ethan and tells him that Claire is in labor and to get Jack. Charlie goes back to comfort Claire, who tells him the story about the psychic. Charlie suggests that the psychic knew the flight was going to crash, and this was his way of forcing Claire to raise the baby. Claire stops having contractions. A badly wounded Sayid returns to camp and tells the others about Danielle, and that other people are on the island. Just as Hurley reveals that one of the survivors is not listed on the flight manifest, Ethan ominously accosts Claire and Charlie in the jungle.

All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues[edit]

At the caves, Hurley continues trying to explain that one survivor (Ethan) is not in the passenger manifest. Jack asks where he is and Michael says that he went to the jungle to get some wood. Jack then begins asking where Charlie is; Locke replies that he went after Claire. The scene then cuts to Jack and Locke running through the jungle until they find what we know to be their last position. They find three distinct footprint sets and realize that Charlie and Claire have been taken. As Jack begins shouting their names, Locke motions for him to be quiet. The hunt is on.

Locke says that they should go back and return with a hunting party. However, Jack decides to start off alone.

A flashback shows Jack operating on a woman. Despite his attempts, the woman's heartbeat goes flatline and he begins giving CPR even though it is hopeless. His father, Dr. Christian Shepard, tells him to call it.

Back at the island, Jack, Kate, Locke, and Boone set off to find their companions. Following their footsteps, the group eventually finds on of Charlie's knuckle bandages. Jack and Kate go off to follow Charlie's bandages while Locke and Boone continue on the original trail. Boone begins putting pieces of his redshirt on trees and explains to Locke the concept of "red shirt" from Star Trek.

Still on the bandage trail, Kate begins telling Jack that they should return to the beach. Shortly afterwards, they hear Claire screaming. Jack goes off on his own, but he is then quickly subdued by Ethan. He threatens to kill one of them if Jack does not stop following them.

A flashback shows Christian telling Jack to report that the woman was pregnant. Christian requests that he sign a form which will officially state that her death was an accident. He also says that "if the hospital board finds out, it will end his career". At the board meeting, Jack tells the board that his father was operating under the influence; this impaired his judgment and lead to the chain of events causing the woman's death.

On the island, Kate finds Jack on the ground. Pushing on, they find Charlie, blindfolded and hanging from a tree. After Kate cuts him down, Jack begins giving CPR. She begins saying that it's a lost cause, but he does not give up. After four powerful thrusts, Charlie wakes up. Returning to the caves, Charlie says that he did not see or hear anything and that "all they wanted was Claire".

Meanwhile, deep in the jungle, Boone begins wanting to go back. Locke finally lets him go and tosses Boone his flashlight. He fails to catch it and it lands on the ground...with a loud metal "clank". Moving to investigate, they find steel imbedded in the ground. Locke begins banging on the metal, which appears to be hollow, and they begin removing mud to find out what it is.

Whatever the Case May Be[edit]

Kate and Sawyer find a locked case among the sunken wreckage. Kate wants it, but refuses to tell Sawyer what’s inside, so he takes it. At the beach the tide is rising and will soon submerge the fuselage. Shannon asks Boone what he and Locke do every day, and Boone says they’re looking for Claire.

Sayid asks Shannon to help him translate Rousseau’s notes. Rose comforts Charlie by telling him that what happened to Claire isn’t his fault and he did everything he could. Sawyer tries to pick the lock on the case, but Michael tells him the only way to open it is with pure force. Sawyer drops the case off a cliff, and it still doesn’t open. Kate swipes it, but Sawyer gets it back. He tells her that he will give the case to her if she tells him what’s inside. She refuses.

In a flashback Kate is opening a bank account using an alias. Three masked men enter and rob the bank. One of the robbers pulls Kate into a back room and they share a kiss, revealing that Kate is a part of the robbery. The man smacks Kate to make it looks like she’s an innocent civilian and demands that the bank manager give him a key to a safety deposit box.

Kate goes to Jack and says the case contains weapons. It belonged to the U.S. Marshal and the key is buried with him. They dig up the body and pull out his wallet. Kate slips the key into her hand before giving it to Jack, but Jack catches her. Sayid becomes impatient with Shannon when her translations do not make any sense. Upset, Shannon runs away saying that she’s useless. Jack gives Sawyer an ultimatum: if he does not give Jack the case, Jack will stop giving him antibiotics for his knife wound. Sawyer gives up the case.

In a flashback one of the robbers tells the manager that the robbery was Kate’s idea. Kate shoots the robbers and tells the manager to open a safety deposit box. At the caves Jack and Kate open the case. There are guns inside, and a manila envelope, which Jack gives it to Kate, who opens it and pulls out a toy airplane. When pressured, Kate says it belonged to the man she loved and killed, then cries, but receives no sympathy from Jack.

Rose says her husband is still alive and prays with Charlie. Shannon recognizes Rousseau’s notes as lyrics to a song from a French cartoon. Kate stares at the toy plane beside her campfire.

Hearts and Minds[edit]

Boone tells Sayid to stay away from Shannon, and Sayid ignores him. Hurley scolds Boone for not bring back any boar. Locke says that what he and Boone are doing is far more important than hunting. Kate shows Jack to a garden that Sun has started. At the hatch Locke makes a paste and tells Boone it is for later. Locke suggests that staring at the hatch will tell them how to open in.

In a flashback Shannon calls Boone and asks him to come to Sydney. When he gets there he sees that her boyfriend, Brian, has been beating her. Boone reports the crime to the police, and reveals that Shannon is his stepsister. The detective ignores Boone, so he offers Brian $50,000 to break up with Shannon.

Boone wants to tell Shannon about the hatch. Locke responds by knocking him unconscious. Boone awakens to find himself tied up. Locke puts the paste on his head and leaves a knife so he'll be able to free himself. Shannon's screams and the sound of the monster approaching motivate Boone to reach for the knife and free himself.

Sun reveals to Kate that she speaks English, and asks her not to tell anyone. Sun took English lessons in Korea, but doesn’t want Jin to know. Locke finds Sayid trying to make sense of Rousseau's maps, and gives him a compass. Boone, still restrained, hears Shannon screaming as the monster approaches. He reaches the knife, frees himself, and finds Shannon tied to a tree. They evade the monster.

Sayid tells Jack that according to Locke’s compass north is not where it should be, causing him to believe that the compass is defective. Jack finds Locke and asks him about Boone. Locke says he hasn’t seen Boone all day, and the boars are migrating outside of their valley. Hurley and Jin spend the day fishing, and when Hurley fails to catch anything Jin gives him a fish out of sympathy.

In a flashback, Shannon refuses to leave with Boone. He realizes that Shannon lied to him to get the money, and she has done this before. Brian says that Boone’s mother stole money away from her, and she is getting what is rightfully hers. That night a drunken Shannon comes to Boone’s hotel room and tells him that Brian stole the money. She tells Boone that she knows he loves her, and they sleep together.

Boone tells Shannon about the hatch as the monster attacks again. This time it kills Shannon and Boone finds her body by a creek. That night Boone tries to kill Locke, but Locke reveals Shannon is alive. The paste caused Boone to have a vision quest that was crucial to his survival. Boone says seeing Shannon dead made him feel relieved.


Michael asks for Walt’s help with building a raft while Locke is teaching Walt how to use a knife. Angry with Michael, Walt runs off with Vincent. Michael accuses Locke of turning Walt against him, and thinks Locke is hiding Walt. When Locke says he does not know where Walt is, both he and Michael track Walt in the jungle. Michael finds Walt and saves him from being killed by a polar bear.

Flashbacks show that Michael and Walt's mother, Susan, were unmarried. When Walt was a few months old, Susan took a job in Amsterdam and took Walt with her. She married Brian, a co-worker, when Walt was two, and their work took them to Australia. Michael didn't see his son again until after Susan's death from a blood disorder. Brian gave Michael custody of Walt and warned Michael that Walt is 'different'.

Walt is shown to have psychic tendencies. As a child in Australia, Walt opens one of his books to a picture of a native bird and shortly afterwards the bird fatally slams into a nearby window. On the island, while teaching him to throw a knife, Locke tells Walt to visualize hitting the target, and Walt fires and embeds the blade perfectly on the mark. Later, a polar bear chases Walt after Michael throws the comic book Walt had been reading, which featured a picture of a polar bear, into a fire.

Charlie recovers Claire's diary from Sawyer with help from Kate. He reads it and sees her description of a dream about a "black rock" that corresponds to a location on Sayid's stolen map. He shows this to the others, thinking it might be a clue to her whereabouts. However, while looking for Vincent, Locke and Boone find Claire stumbling out of the jungle.



Charlie awakens to see Locke carrying Claire to Jack. Claire awakens and panics, asking, “Who are you people?”. Claire claims that the last thing she can remember is the flight. Jack tells her about the crash, and Charlie brings her diary and makes conversation with her. In the first flashback, we see Charlie and Tommy (another member of Driveshaft) using heroin, but they need money to buy more. They then walk into a bar where Tommy points out to Charlie a girl named Lucy, and tells Charlie that her father is rich. Charlie walks over and makes conversation with Lucy.

Charlie meets Jin in the jungle, and walks with him until Jin is hit by a rock from a sling. Ethan appears and tells Charlie that Charlie must bring Claire to him and that he will kill one of the castaways for every day that Charlie does not. Charlie returns to the beach and tells Jack and Locke of Ethan’s threat. Locke suggests that they set up alarms around the perimeter using string and weights.

Claire expresses discomfort to Charlie about the way people treat her, and asks Charlie if there is “anything going on”. Charlie assures her that there isn’t. In the next flashback, we see Charlie in Lucy’s home. Lucy shows him a cigarette case once owned by Winston Churchill. We then see Charlie eating dinner with Lucy and her father. He tells her father that Driveshaft is “dead”. Charlie later tells Tommy that he accepted a job working for Lucy’s father selling copy machines. Tommy reminds Charlie of their addiction.

An alarm awakens Boone. He, Sayid and Jack rush to the tripped string only to find that Vincent (Walt’s dog) has tripped the alarm. They hear screaming and return to the beach to find Scott murdered. Claire finds out about Ethan’s threat and becomes angry with Charlie for lying. In the next flashback, we see Charlie steal the cigarette case that belonged to Winston Churchill.

Jack and Locke debate what to do next, and Jack shows Locke the case of guns. They decide to lure Ethan with Claire. Charlie protests. We see a flashback in which Charlie attempts to demonstrate a copy machine, but vomits due to heroin withdrawal. Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Kate, Sayid and Claire go into the jungle. Charlie follows them. Ethan comes for Claire, and Jack wrestles him to the ground but loses his gun in the process. Sawyer then holds a gun to Ethan. Charlie comes from behind with Jack’s gun and kills Ethan. Charlie tells Jack that Ethan “deserved to die”. In the final flashback, we see Charlie trying to apologize to Lucy. Lucy tells him that she understands why he stole, but asks him why he took the job. Charlie tells her that he wanted to show that he could take care of her, and Lucy tells him that he will never take care of anyone. The episode ends with Claire telling Charlie that she “wants to trust him”.


Sawyer has a nightmare about the night, as a child, he was told by his mother to hide under his bed while she went to the door to tell his father to leave. His father forced his way into the house, killed his mother, sat on the bed Sawyer was hiding under, and kills himself. Sawyer wakes up to find a giant boar in front of him and it attacks his tent and runs away into the trees, taking Sawyer's tarp with it. Sawyer chases after it, and while he is in the jungle he hears whispering. A louder whisper says "It'll come back around".

In the morning Sawyer talks to Sayid about the voices Sayid heard while he was in the jungle some time before, and when Sayid asks why he wants to know, Sawyer replies, "No reason." In a flashback a former associate tells Sawyer that the real Sawyer who ruined his life as a child is now living under the alias Frank Duckett in Australia. He travels there, buys a gun and goes to the shrimp shop where Duckett works. He chats with him briefly, but doesn't kill him. On the island, Sawyer is obsessed with finding the boar that attacked him and goes into the jungle with Kate to find it. The next morning the two of them wake up to find that Sawyer's belongings have been ruined while Kate's remain untouched. Locke says that his sister died very young and that their foster mother blamed herself, suffering a severe depression. But a few months later, a dog came into the house, without tags or collar, and his mother felt much better. The dog slept in his sister's room, but when his mother died years later the dog vanished.

In a flashback Sawyer goes to an Australian bar and meets Jack's father, Christian Shephard. Christian tells Sawyer that some people are meant to suffer, and "that's why the Red Sox will never win the damn Series." He says that he wishes he had the strength to call his son, say how proud he is of him, and "fix everything", but he is too weak to do it. Christian tells Sawyer to fix the thing that’s making him feel bad. Sawyer shoots Frank Duckett, but Frank denies being the real Sawyer, and he tells Sawyer that this will come back to haunt him.

Sawyer catches up to the boar and decides not to kill it. He gives Jack his gun. Now all the firearms are with Jack, who locks them back in the marshal's case. They start to talk, and Jack says "that's why the Sox will never win the Series." Sawyer does not tell Jack that he met Christian.

... In Translation[edit]

In Flashbacks, Jin starts to work for Sun's father, Mr. Paik and his car company. In his interview he says that Sun is his dream and his father is dead. Jin later tells Sun that their honeymoon will be after he does some management training. Jin is later promo and Mr. Paik assisngs him to go to Mr. Byung Han's house and deliver a message. He goes to his house and tells him that Mr. Paik is unhappy with him. As a way to make him happy he gives Jin a puppy. We also see Hurley on the tv.

After being interupted by phone call from Mr. Paik, Jin goes to him and he says that he did not deliever the message properly. He goes back to Mr. Han's house and beats his up. Jin tells him that the factories must open tomorrow and that he saved his life. Then Jin looks at the scared family and leaves. We again see Jin with blood in the bathroom and Sun slapping him. We also see Jin crying. He sees his surprisingly alive father working as a fisherman and helps him work. He tells Jin to got to America with Sun to start a new life.

On the island, Jin sees Sun in a swimsuit and tries to cover her up and Michael tries to stop him but gets slapped by Sun. Jin later asks if she is involved with Michael and says no. Sun later apologies to Michael for slapping him. Shannon and Sayid flirt, while Michael works on the raft. Jack comes over and asks about the spots on the raft and Sawyer says that he got one. At night the raft is on fire and they all blame Jin. Sun then finds Jin covered with burns and does not speak to her. Later, Sayid asks Boone for permission to date Shannon and tells him that she might use him. Sayid tells Shannon that it might not be a good idea for them not to date.

The next Sawyer brings Jin to the beach and Michael and Jin fight. Sun then tells him to stop and that Jin did not burn the raft. Everyone is surprised that she speaks English and she says that he is not a liar. Locke then says that it would be unlikely that one of the survivors burned the raft.

Michael says the raft is gone and decides to make a new one. Sun goes to see Jin and says that she was going to leave him and that he changed her mind about leaving. Jin tells her that it's too late to start over. At, night Shannon decides to stay with Sayid even though Boone does not like Sayid around her. Also, Locke asks why Walt burned the raft and he says that he doesn’t want to move anymore, that he likes it on the island.

The next day on the beach Hurley listens to Damien Rice’s Delicate on his CD player and it eventually dies. While, Sun goes into the ocean in a bathing suit as a free, but lonely, women and Jin helps Michael build the new raft.


The episode begins with Hurley approaching Sayid at night and asking about Rousseau. Hurley pretends not to be interested, but takes Rousseau’s documents when Sayid is not looking. We then see that before the crash, Hurley won a lottery jackpot of $156 million using the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, numbers written on one of Rousseau's documents. Hurley then goes to the caves to gather water and encounters Charlie, but does not tell Charlie where he is going. Soon after Hurley leaves, Jack and Sayid arrive in the caves and ask Charlie about Hurley, after which the three of them conclude that Hurley has gone to find Rousseau.

In the flashbacks, we see that Hurley and the people around him seemed to suffer increasingly bad luck after he won the lottery. For example, we see that Hurley’s grandfather suffered a heart attack, that his mother broke her ankle and that Hurley was falsely arrested. Hurley visits a mental asylum where he apparently resided for a time, and consults a man named Lenny who keeps repeating the numbers. After hearing that Hurley used the numbers in the lottery, Lenny becomes panicked and gives Hurley the name of Sam Toomey, a man who Lenny claims to have worked with in Australia. Hurley visits Sam Toomey’s house, which is located in a desert. He encounters Sam Toomey’s wife and learns that while monitoring radio signals for the military, Sam and Lenny picked up a faint transmission in the South Pacific broadcasting the numbers. Hurley learns that Sam had an experience with the numbers similar to his own and eventually committed suicide.

Hurley desperately searches the jungle. He eventually steps on a button. Sayid then emerges from the jungle with Jack and Charlie and tells Hurley that he is stepping on a pressure trigger. Hurley steps off the trigger and dodges a trap. Hurley tells them that he is trying to find Rousseau to obtain a battery for Michael’s raft. They continue through the jungle, Hurley and Charlie cross a bridge, after which it breaks. Jack and Sayid set off a trigger that causes an explosion, which destroys Rousseau’s old shelter. Sayid concludes that Rousseau knew he’d come back.

Hurley and Charlie are shot at. They split up, and Hurley finds Rousseau. He demands to know what the numbers mean. Rousseau tells him that she does not know, only that a radio tower was broadcasting the numbers when her party came to the island, and that she went to the tower and changed the signal to a distress call after all of her party was dead. Hurley and Rousseau conclude that the numbers are cursed, and Hurley returns to Sayid, Jack and Charlie with a battery. After they return to the beach, Hurley tells Charlie about his lottery win, but Charlie thinks Hurley is joking and becomes angry. We then see that the numbers are engraved on the side of the hatch.

Deus Ex Machina[edit]

On the island, Locke and Boone build a trebuchet in an effort to break open the hatch windows. When this fails, an exasperated Locke pounds the hatch, before Boone notices a shard in Locke’s leg; Locke mentions he feels no pain, and discovers that night that he’s losing feeling in his legs.

That night, in a dream, Locke tells Boone that the island will send them a sign, at which point he notices a Beechcraft 18 crash in the jungle. The dream also reveals a secret about Boone. Awaking early the next day, Locke and Boone head out in search of the aircraft. When Boone doubts him, Locke mentions the secret he learned from his dream, leading Boone to follow Locke on the hunt. After some searching, they discover the plane teetering on the edge of a cliff. Locke, having lost use of his legs, asks Boone to climb up to check the plane. While in the plane, Boone discovers a trove of statues filled with heroin, the body of a priest, and a working radio. Using this radio, Boone sends out a distress call, during which the plane falls over the cliff. Frantically, Locke struggles to his feet, hoists a critically injured Boone on his shoulders and returns to the camp.

Meanwhile, Sawyer is having increasingly painful headaches, which are not helped by Sun's herbal remedies. Kate convinces Sawyer to accept Jack's medical assistance. After an exam, Jack explains that Sawyer is suffering from hyperopia or farsightedness, and his excessive reading is straining his eyes, giving him headaches. To solve the problem, Sayid melds together the halves of two pairs of glasses for Sawyer to use.

In flashbacks, a younger Locke meets a mysterious woman in the discount superstore in which he works. After an initial meeting, Locke later notices this same woman watching him in the store. When he chases after to confront her, she explains that she is his birth mother, Emily Locke. When Locke asks about his father, Emily explains that Locke doesn’t have a father. Undeterred, Locke hires a private investigator who finds Locke’s father, Anthony Cooper. When Locke travels to his father’s affluent home, he is welcomed with open arms. One day, Locke arrives at the home early, and notices his father on dialysis, which eventually prompts Locke to offer one of his kidneys to save his father. After the surgery, Locke wakes up in the hospital to find that his father has gone home for private care. Emily arrives to explain that all this was a scheme to get Anthony a kidney. Devastated, Locke pulls himself out of the hospital bed and drives to his father's home, where he is turned away. While driving away, Locke breaks down over the betrayal.

Locke comes to the caves with Boone, and tells Jack that he fell from a cliff while they were hunting. Jack springs into action but Locke disappears into the jungle. That evening, Locke returns to the hatch. Pounding on the door and screaming in anguish atop the hatch, Locke laments what has happened, when the inside of the hatch suddenly becomes illuminated.

Do No Harm[edit]

In the caves, Jack works frantically to establish a makeshift ER and stabilize Boone, so he can try to save the critically injured Boone. Jack notes with concern that Boone has lost a lot of blood, and has a collapsed and crushed right leg. Kate is ordered to get alcohol from Sawyer, After examining Boone, Jack promises that he will fix him.

Kate makes her way to the beach, and claims Sawyer’s alcohol. As she runs back to the caves, she discovers that Claire has gone into labor. Jack determines that Boone needs a blood transfusion, and sends Charlie off to find someone with a matching blood type. When he unsuccessfully returns unsuccessful, Jack decides that he will have to give his blood, which is the universal donor type O-. However, when Jack begins looking for something with which he can draw blood, he becomes frustrated. Fortunately, Sun comes up with a solution and retrieves a sea urchin, whose hollow, sharp spines enable Jack to begin the transfusion.

Meanwhile, back at the beach, Jin is working on the new raft, when he hears Kate's call for help from within the jungle, and rushes to her and Claire. Despite the language barrier, Kate is able to tell Jin to go and find Jack. Jin rushes to the caves only to find Jack occupied with the blood transfusion, but, through Sun, is able to convey that Claire is giving birth. Jack tells Jin, again through Sun, to take Charlie to Kate and Claire. Jack then gives Charlie instructions on how to deliver the baby, but warns him that the delivery is in Kate’s hands.

As night falls, Boone wakes up momentarily. During this brief period, he mentions the plane and the hatch, and that Locke had wanted the hatch kept secret. When Sun sees that he looks weak and pales, she stops the transfusion. When Jack then examines Boone, however, he determines that the transfusion is not working, since the blood is all pooling in Boone’s crushed leg, which is more damaged than he’d initially suspected. Jack determines that the only way to save Boone is the amputation of the leg, prompting Jack to seek Michael’s assistance in constructing an amputation device.

That same evening, Sayid surprises Shannon with a "torchlit dinner." During this dinner, Shannon tells Sayid that Boone is only her step-brother, and that he is "kind of" in love with her.

In flashbacks to Jack’s rehearsal dinner and wedding to Sarah, a former patient whom he miraculously "fixed" after she was injured and apparently paralyzed in a car accident, Jack questions his decision to be married. When he questions his father about it, his father tells Jack that his problem is not commitment, but letting go.

Back at the caves, Boone briefly regains consciousness and tells Jack to just let him go. Realizing what he is about to do in the name of keeping his word, Jack hesitates, and finally decides to not amputate. Boone dies, while at nearly the same time, Claire successfully gives birth to a baby boy. Claire gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

The next morning, Jack finds Shannon and Sayid returning to the beach. As she greives, Jack decides to go find Locke, claiming that Boone was murdered.

Lost: The Journey[edit]

The official description formerly found on ABC's website was: "Flashbacks of the core characters illustrating who they were and what they were doing before the crash, a look at the island itself, and a preview of the big season finale."

The Greater Good[edit]

At the caves, Sayid observes a mourning Shannon, before asking if he can do anything for her. At the same time, Kate tracks down an exhausted and obstinate Jack. Jack blames Locke for what happened to Boone, but Kate pleads with Jack to return. At the beach, the survivors bury Boone. During the funeral, Locke arrives and attempts to explain what happened, but Jack ignores him and flies into a rage.

Afterward, Jack explains to Sayid, Sun, and Kate that Locke is lying, but they insist that Jack must rest. Locke asks Shannon’s forgiveness, to no avail; Shannon instead goes to Sayid and asks if he could do something about Locke for her.

Meanwhile, Charlie tells Claire that she needs to rest, and though reluctant at first she lets him take care of her baby. Charlie has a tough time getting the baby to stop crying, but finally manages to do so after seeing the baby's reaction to Sawyer's voice.

Kate attempts to take care of Jack, who stubbornly insists he needs to deal with Locke. Realizing he’d probably try this, Kate drugs Jack and he falls asleep, leaving Sayid free to deal with Locke. Sayid arrives at the caves and begins questioning Locke, asking Locke to show him the Beechcraft. As they walk to it, Sayid interrogates Locke, who realizes just what Sayid is doing. Upon arriving at the plane, their cat and mouse game escalates. Sayid tells Locke he knows Locke has a gun, and Locke hands it over. Locke then reveals that it was he who hit Sayid over the head when he was trying triangulate the distress signal. This enrages Sayid, who pulls the gun on Locke and questions him about the hatch. Locke lies, saying Boone was talking about the plane’s hatches.

Sayid returns to the beach and explains to Shannon that he believes Locke did not mean to harm Boone. This prompts an angry Shannon to take matters into her own hands. Shannon steals the guncase key from a sleeping Jack, and confronts Locke in the jungle. Kate, Jack, and Sayid arrive during the confrontation, but Shannon refuses to back down. Left with no choice, Sayid tackles Shannon just as she fires the gun, the bullet grazing Locke's head.

In flashbacks, Sayid becomes an informant for the CIA, which has asked him to infiltrate a terrorist cell in which his old friend Essam is a member. Explaining that they know where Nadia is, he agrees. When Sayid discovers a plot in Sydney, he informs the CIA, who tell him to convince Essam to do it. One the day of the attack, Sayid reveals he is an informant, and a distraught Essam kills himself. After Essam's death, the CIA tells Sayid where Nadia is, and puts him on a plane. Sayid inquires about Essam’s body, and when told that because no one will claim it, the body will be burned. Sayid insists on claiming the body himself and tells them to change his flight.

That night, Sayid visits Locke, who thanks him for saving his life. Sayid replies that he only did it because he believes Locke to be their best chance for survival. He then tells Locke to take him to the hatch.

Born to Run[edit]

Charlie and Kate discuss they fame that awaits them if and when they are rescued, which disturbs Kate. After the group is told the raft needed to leave already, Michael hurries to finish the raft, and Kate seeks a spot on the raft. Michael refuses, saying the raft is full. However, after a conversation with Sawyer, Michael reconsiders, which prompts Sawyer to storm off to confront Kate. Sawyer explains that he knows why Kate wants on the raft: to escape before being captured.

In the meantime, Sayid and Jack meet Locke at the hatch. Surprised by what he sees, Jack asks why Locke hid his find, setting up a brief confrontation between the two leaders. Jack then states that he believes the hatch needs to be opened. This prompts a furiously nervous response from Sayid, but the question is left unsettled.

While working with Jin, Michael suddenly becomes ill. Jack, having returned from the hatch, examines Michael and searches for the cause of the illness, eventually discovering partially dissolved drugs in a water bottle. When he tells Michael, he immediately suspects Sawyer. In short order, Kate also is suspected, which leads Jack to confront Kate about the drugging. At the same time, Walt explains to Locke that he didn’t drug his father. When Locke touches Walt’s arm, however, he becomes frightened, telling Locke not to open the hatch.

Sawyer walks up to Michael and teases him about his illness. Michael becomes angry and kicks Sawyer off the raft. Sawyer decides that he’s had enough, and exposes Kate to everyone. Stealing her bag, he opens it and shows that Kate had stolen a passport, forcing Kate to reveal that she was the person in the Marshal’s custody.

In flashbacks, Kate returns to her home town to see her dying mother, and meets up with former boyfriend Tom Brennan, who is now a doctor at the hospital. This visit prompts the two to dig up a lunchbox time capsule. Among the items in the capsule were Tom's toy airplane and a recording of the two of them some years earlier. Later, with Tom's help, Kate is able to be alone with her mother, who begins screaming for help upon seeing her. Forced to escape, she runs into Tom, who gives her keys to his car and joins her. When police try to block them, Kate tells Tom to leave, but he refuses. As the police fire at the car, Kate rams their vehicle before crashing into another. After the car stops, Kate looks over at Tom and finds him dead. Left with no choice but to flee, Kate runs.

As the raft is hurried toward completion, Jack walks up to Sun and confronts her about her poisoning attempt. Sun confesses that she did it, explaining that she wanted to keep Jin from going on the raft. Later, Sun promises not to tell anyone that the drugging was Kate’s idea.

That night, Kate and Sawyer say goodbye, while Walt confesses to Michael that he was responsible for the fire that destroyed the first raft. Walt says he did it because he wanted to stay on the island, which prompts Michael to say they can stay. However, Walt insists that they have to leave.

Exodus: Part 1[edit]

Early the next morning, Rousseau arrives at the beach to warn the survivors that The Others are coming. Telling the assembled survivors her story, Danielle reveals that she was pregnant when she came to the island. After she gave birth, her baby was kidnapped by the Others, their arrival heralded by a column of black smoke. Jack initially dismisses her warning, telling Locke that the launch of the raft is the top priority. When Michael says that there’s too much to do, Jack assembles everyone to aid the completion of the raft. As the group pushes the raft to the ocean, it becomes unbalanced, damaging the mast. During the ensuing argument, Walt notices a column of black smoke in the distance.

A now disturbed Jack asks Rousseau for help, and shows her the hatch. When Locke offers that dynamite could probably open it, Rousseau says she will take them to the “Black Rock.” Jack then organizes a team including Locke, Kate, Hurley, and Arzt, who volunteers to come to help handle the dynamite. In the meantime, Jin and Michael try to fix the raft. When they dismiss Sawyer’s offer of help, he goes off to cut a new raft himself. While in the jungle, Jack comes up to give Sawyer a gun for protection, and Sawyer takes the opportunity to tell Jack of his conversation with Christian, Jack’s father, in Sydney.

In flashbacks, several of the survivors are shown in the final hours before the flight. Early that morning, Walt wakes up and turns on the TV. When an awakened Michael asks him to turn it off, Walt throws a tantrum and flees the room with Vincent, but Michael brings him back.

Later that day, Jack meets another passenger on his flight in the airport lounge, Ana-Lucia Cortez, while Sawyer is told that he is being placed on Flight 815 because he is being deported by the Australian government. Also, Kate is turned over to the Marshal’s custody for the flight, and during a conversation with the customs guard, the Marshal reveals that he had baited Kate with Tom’s toy airplane. When he denigrates Tom’s memory, Kate attacks him, but is subdued.

Back at the check-in, Shannon waits for Boone to get them a first class upgrade, when Sayid asks her to watch his bag. She agrees, but when Boone returns without an upgrade, she leaves the bag. As Boone chastises her, she walks up to a security agent, telling them that an Arab man left his bag unattended. Meanwhile, Sun and Jin are eating in the airport restaurant, with Sun bringing Jin coffee. When Sun overhears comments from an arrogant American couple, she is momentarily rattled and spills the coffee on Jin’s lap.

As the hatch team heads toward the “Black Rock.” Arzt turns back at the start of the Dark Territory, but quickly returns to the group, chased by the “monster.” After hiding from it, Danielle explains that it is a “security system” protecting the island. Heading deeper into the jungle after this encounter, they eventually arrive at the “Black Rock”, a shipwrecked wooden ship.

As the raft prepares for launch, Sayid gives the team a radar emitter and flare gun, while Charlie gathers messages to put in a bottle and Walt leaves Vincent with Shannon. Sun says goodbye to Jin, handing him a notebook of English nautical terms. After all the goodbyes are said, the raft team sets off, and when Vincent attempts to follow Walt, Walt tells him to turn back, and the raft sails away from shore.

In the distance, the column of smoke continues to rise.

Exodus: Parts 2 and 3[edit]

Believing that the Others are bearing down on them, the survivors divide into three groups, each working to protect and save them all.

The Hatch

At the “Black Rock”, Danielle turns and leaves the group, saying that she has done what she was asked to do. Jack, Kate and Locke enter the ship to retrieve the dynamite, and bring a crate outside. Arzt angrily stops them, explaining the dangers of handling old dynamite. During the explanation, he becomes careless and a stick detonates, killing him.

Despite Arzt’s death, the group decides to continue with their mission, and begin wrapping the dynamite in wet cloth, with Locke suggesting that two sets be wrapped, in case one of the carriers doesn’t make it to the hatch. When Locke, Jack, and Kate all volunteer to carry dynamite, they draw straws to determine who will carry it, with Jack the odd man out.

On their way back to the hatch, the security system reappears. Locke, wanting to get a closer look at it, creeps close, but is ensnared when the entity attacks him. The security system drags Locke through the jungle, and Jack grabs onto Locke’s arm to stop Locke from being dragged away. However, Jack is dragged along as well, and eventually, Locke is pulled into a hole in the ground. Despite Locke’s pleas to let him go, Jack tells Kate the get the dynamite, which he had secretly placed in his own pack. Kate drops the dynamite down the tunnel, disrupting the security system, which flees.

That evening, as they walk to the hatch, Locke and Jack have a confrontation about the encounter with the security system, during which Locke and Jack debate whether their presence is fate or not. the group arrives at the hatch. Jack and Locke set the dynamite up on the hinge of the hatch, and are about to set it off when Hurley notices the numbers on the side. He yells at them not to light the fuse, but Locke does so anyway. Hurley frantically tries to stamp it out, shouting “the numbers are bad.” Trying to save Hurley, Jack tackles him moments before the dynamite explodes.

The Raft

On the raft, everything is going smoothly. Michael takes the opportunity to bond with Walt, while Walt learns about Sawyer's long term search for revenge. Jin also gives his new friend, Michael, Mr. Paik’s watch, for which he had nearly killed Michael a few weeks earlier. At one point, the rudder breaks off, and Sawyer dives into the water after it, risking his life. After Sawyer makes it back on board, Michael discovers that Sawyer has a gun, but decides not to tell the others.

That night, the group turns on the radar system as instructed by Sayid. Much to their surprise, their radar sweep turns up an object in the distance. They fire their single flare, and the object approaches them. As it nears, it turns on a bright search light, and the group rejoices that another boat has found them. Thinking they are about to be saved, they welcome the people on the boat.

However, the boat’s crew turns out to be a group of strangers who demand that Walt be handed over to them. Sawyer tries to pull his gun, but he is shot by one of the crewmen and falls into the water. Jin jumps into the water to save Sawyer, while the strangers overpower Michael and kidnap Walt. As they sail off, a woman throws an explosive on to the raft, destroying it. Michael cries out for Walt as he watches his son disappear into the darkness.

The Exodus

On the beach, Sayid organizes the group at the beach for a retreat to the caves, while Charlie attempts to prepare Claire for carrying the baby. The two are alone when Rousseau runs up looking for Sayid. Charlie runs off the get him, leaving Claire with Rousseau. During their time alone, Claire notices the scratches on Rousseau’s arm and momentarily flashes back to a forgotten encounter with Danielle. Rousseau kidnaps the baby from Claire.

Sayid guesses that Rousseau plans to exchange the baby, whom Claire has now named Aaron, for her own daughter, Alex, who’d been taken years earlier. Charlie and Sayid arm themselves and take off into the jungle after Danielle, heading in the direction of the black smoke. Early on, they take a break at the Beechcraft, a moment during which Sayid, ignorant of Charlie’s heroin addiction, reveals that it is full of heroin. Later, Charlie runs into a trap Danielle had set. Sayid orders Charlie back to camp, but he refuses, so Sayid uses a field medicine technique to staunch the bleeding and cauterize the wound.

When Sayid and Charlie arrive on the beach, they discover it is just a pyre, with no people around. The sound of a baby crying alerts them to Rousseau hiding in the bushes, and when they call out to her, she emerges with the baby in her arms. A distraught Danielle says that she overheard the Others say they were coming for "the boy," and she believed they’d return Alex to her if she brought them the boy. She returns the baby, and the pair return to the caves, at which the other survivors had arrived some time earlier. After reuniting the baby with Claire, the survivors settle in to wait for the hatch group’s return, while Charlie hides the heroin filled statue in his bag.

Flashbacks again show the survivors in the hours before the flight. That morning, as Jin heads to the restroom to clean up coffee Sun had accidentally spilled on him, Sayid is released from airport security, as the agents apologize for causing him any inconvenience. While in the restroom, Jin encounters a man who explains that he works for Mr. Paik. He tells Jin that he knows Jin is fleeing, but orders him to complete his delivery of the watch to an associate in San Francisco.

Back at a hotel, Charlie frantically looks for his stash before heading to the airport. His companion from the previous evening also wants the drugs, and the two fight over them, before the woman leaves the room in anger. At the airport, Michael goes to call his office while Walt is absorbed in playing video games, However, Michael is actually calling his mother, with whom he pleads to take care of Walt for him. When she refuses, Michael hangs up, to discover Walt standing behind him, possibly having heard the whole conversation.

Meanwhile, Hurley wakes up late for his flight due to a localized power failure. In a mad dash for the airport, he experiences several other problems, including full elevators, a flat tire, arriving at the wrong terminal, a slow check-in agent, having to buy a second ticket, and so on. Despite all these setbacks, Hurley makes the flight at the last possible moment. Earlier, Locke was also nearly prevented from boarding because the wheelchair normally used to board disabled passengers was missing. Locke, frustrated and struggling to maintain his dignity, consents to being carried onto the plane.

In a final flashback of the boarding of the flight, all the passengers take their seats. Hurley, late to the flight, makes his way to his seat, where he catches Walt’s eye. As Walt smiles, Hurley gives him a thumbs up before taking his seat and taking out the comic book Walt later would read on the island. Arzt helps Claire put her bag in the overhead compartment, while Jack and Locke briefly acknowledge each other,

At the hatch, Jack and Locke pry the now broken door off the hinge and look inside. All they can see is a broken ladder, and a deep, dark, very long tunnel.