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The assertion that express kidnappings are more common in latin America is unsupported by any data. JPZingher (talk) 19:27, 20 September 2010 (UTC)

Seriously ? there's already 2 sources on that article, if you need more datas just read Crime in Mexico (Wikipedia) and the IKV Pax report "Kidnapping is Booming Business", you'll see that countries like Mexico have around 500 kidnappings like that per months.
Are you saying this because your patent doesn't cover these countries or what ?!
You shouldn't worry about that at all, your system wouldn't work in these places for one good reason : alerting the police is the last thing people in these countries want to do.
The corruption is so strong, the police will tell the kidnappers you called the police, or the police itself will be running the kidnapping business, like that officer in Ecuador who had its own kidnapping ring (it was working well : with it he bought sex-clubs, mansions and luxurious cars).
Oh, I see, maybe you think that mentionning it's more common in latin America makes USA express kidnapping less important to the eyes of banks executives who refused your offer ?!
Well if it's the case, scr-w you, and I really mean it. There's hundreds of people tortured and killed, thousands living in fear in latin america due to these express kidnapping, and you're trying to put your personnal wealth above the lives of all these people ?!
The fact you're not as rich as you wish with your "great" idea of reverted pin code is NOT a good reason for changing Wikipedia's articles on kidnapping. Seriously WTF man, there's dead people out there in latin America and you're thinking about the house or the boat you could buy if you had more money ?! I hope I'm wrong on you, you would be a total sickf*ck if you were doing that.
So what, you had a great idea, you gathered the money for the patent, it didn't worked. WHAT A F*CKING SURPRISE. Same stuff happened to hundreds of other inventors and guess what they did ? they got over it and went to other things.
You're lucky a big bank company didn't stole your idea, made tons of money out of it, and hired lawyers to avoid paying you anything - like it's often the case with small inventors.
Deal with it and get over it man. And leave Wikipedia alone FFS. -- (talk) 14:33, 18 February 2011 (UTC)