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GEC number operator number operator name constructed notes
5472 274 BSC Lackenby Eskdaleside 1978 *
5466 269 BSC Lackenby Longacres 1977 * teeside 019

Gect industrial shunters NR 260 ROSEDALE,NR 269 LONGACRES AT LACKENBY

5461 264 1977 *Port Mulgrave also Hartlepool pipe mill
5432 263 BSC Lackenby Lumpsey 1977 **2007
5478 279 BSC Lackenby
former NCB Coventry
1979 Ex NCB (Coventry Colliery) BI92044 NCB Coventry , *Doesn't mention NCB
5429 260 BSC Lackenby Rosedale 1977 teeside 019

Gect industrial shunters NR 260 ROSEDALE,NR 269 LONGACRES AT LACKENBY *also seen Shapfell quarries 2010

5421 (256?) Littleton Colliery Western Enterprise 1977 GEC Traction 5421 of 1977 6w Diesel Electric 'Western Enterprise' former Littleton Colliery (talk) 10:06, 21 September 2015 (UTC) /littletoncollieryplace/e15d996a3 stripped for spares at BSC Lackenby (too light for operations) *scrap/spares 2009-11(~~?) also see * claims No.256 at some point
5415 252 BSC Lackenby Boulby 1976 *
5473 275 BSC Lackenby Raithwaite 1978 **2009
5475 277 BSC Lackenby Waterfall 1978 *
5426 257 BSC Lackenby North Skelton 1977 *
5427 258 BSC Lackenby Grinkle 1977 * Corus 258 ...Lackenby reception sidings 14-05-2008
5430 261 BSC Lackenby Staithes 1977 * teeside 015

Gect shunters nr 261,265,260,269,258 at lackenby running shed.

5464 267 BSC Lackenby Slapewath 1977 *
5462 265 BSC Lackenby Roseberry 1977 *
5463 266 BSC Lackenby Sherriffs 1977 *
5465 268 BSC Lackenby Kirleathem 1977 *Lackenby Line Up , Moving slab
5431 262 BSC Lackenby Loftus 1977 teeside 018 *

Gect shunter 262[ loftus] at lackenby.

5474 276 BSC Lackenby Spawood 1978 Corus 0-6-0 shunter 276 at Lackenby
5469 271 BSC Lackenby Glaisdale 1978 271 Lackenby, 19/05/08 Corus 271 ...Lackenby reception sidingsn 14-05-2008

5467 270 BSC Lackenby Chaloner 1977 * teeside 017

Gect shunters NR 279,270,273

5414 251 BSC Lackenby Walter Urwin 1976 *
5412 DE4 Llanwern steelworks ***
5413 DE5 Llanwern steelworks ***
5418 255 BSC Lackenby Liverton 1976 *
5470 272 Hardendale Limestone Quarry Grosmont 1978 * Wheels of Industry. Hardendale Quarry, Cumbria. *
5468 278 Hardendale Limestone Quarry (?)
Former Littleton Quarry
Western Progress 1977 Former NCB (?) 63.000.443 from Littleton colliery ( (talk) 10:06, 21 September 2015 (UTC)) - after closure sold to British Steel - and numbered 278 for work at Hardendale Quarry (Corus), Cumbria "6wDH (GECT 5468) at Otherton."
*Doesn't mention NCB - at Shapfell in 2010

also see GEC Traction 5421 of 1977 6w Diesel Electric 'Western Enterprise' former Littleton Colliery stripped for spares at BSC Lackenby (too light for operations)

5471 273 BSC Lackenby Kilton 1978 Source Lackenby Line Up ,
5416 253 BSC Lackenby Eston 1976 06-19 Corus 253 'Eston' Corus Redcar
5578 ICI Ludwig Mond 1980 Now at 'rocks by rail' "rocks by rail" is the "Living Ironstone Museum Cottesmore" formerly known (pre 2012) as the "Rutland Railway Museum" (see below)
5425 256 BSC Lackenby 1977 BI92399 Teesside torpedo - *later (2010) Hartlepool 42" pipe mill
5411 DE3 Port Talbot 1976 *former Llanwern ***** Corus Shunt loco at Llanwern - 31st May 2005
5409 DE1 Llanwern 1976 Source Industrial Locomotives - Handbook 13EL, Industrial Railway Society, 2003, South-East Wales, p.307, ISBN 0 901556 27 1 Check |isbn= value: checksum (help)  - also confirm DE1 to DE5 at Llanwern 2003
5410 DE2 Llanwern 1976 source as per DE1
5480 Western Queen 1979 **ex NCB - scrapped by 2006
5428 259 BSC Lackenby Carlin How 1977 **2005

Here's a temporary table of the locos - so I don't have to type it in again - it is incomplete and so not suitable yet - there are mutliple sources - will only use when and if get reliable sourcing (verify the info)

The BSC Lackenby (Redcar) locos are named after places in N. Yorkshire, and according to one source after (iron) mines in N. Yorkshire - I think this is true but need to verify. It also seems that the BSC locos were 25t axleload ie 75t - heavier than some others - need to find out if they were ballasted for the torpedos..

Those market * are confirmed by searching "6wDE" in with exisiting stock, ** same search for scrapped stock

For llanwern *** see also see for Llanwern shunter images. and (search for builder "GEC Traction Ltd" and location "LLANWERN" ) - LLanwern locos

photo showing "Stephenson" nameplate (tiny!) on the front of the loco

There was a link here to an old advert for the locos — Preceding unsigned comment added by Mddkpp (talkcontribs) 03:09, 18 January 2012 (UTC)

The question is where is GEC 5417 - ie Corus number 254 - what was its name and did it ever exist??

There is a unit preserved at "rutland railway museum" - because the museum is rebranding as "rocks by rail" with a new website it is not inconceivable the the old site will go down - in the shot term I will put the relevant text here : (NOTE THIS REMAINS COPYRIGHT OF RUTLAND RAILWAY MUSEUM) - in this form it may not be used in the article

The Museum received a "new" locomotive on Tuesday 17th August 2010. GEC “Stephenson” 0–6-0 Diesel Electric locomotive, Works No. 5578, built in 1980 is believed the last standard gauge locomotive built at the world famous Vulcan Foundry at Newton the Willows.

Sold to ICI at their Mond division works for moving the 100 ton limestone hoppers it was originally named “Ludwig Mond” after the famous chemist and founder of ICI.

Powered by a Dorman 8QT, V8 diesel engine of 500 hp, weight 50 tons in working order at a 16.5 ton axle loading, this class of locomotives were main line locomotives in miniature. There were two models produced, 50 and 75 tons, with either 8 (500hp) or 12 (750hp) cylinder engines. They were an expensive machine and sold to British Steel (75 ton model) National Coal Board (both weights) and this example to ICI.

A similar diesel hydraulic model was the mainstay of shunting within the Corby steel works.

When the ICI hopper work ended, the loco passed through a dealers hands and was eventually sold to Barrington Cement works for its main line work into the exchange sidings. It has therefore spent its entire working life in the quarrying industry and fits the museums aims, albeit in a slightly wider context!(COPYRIGHT Rutland Railway Museum)
The table isn't complete and so not suitable for inclusion - it needs working on anyway - I'm not sure if it too trivial anyway. Not sure why I spent so much time making it! Helps to get an overview anyway. If anyone knows of further locos please leave a message..Mddkpp (talk) 01
28, 16 January 2012 (UTC)