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As there wasn't enough room in the edit summary box, I've put a few more here:

1. I've removed all detail of Putney Hill's sinking in the '1st, 2nd and 3rd patrol' section as it crops up elsewhere in the article for 26 June 1942, not 1 - twice. It also appears in '' as 1942.
2. I've standardized a few dates (dmy) in one section to match the rest of the article.
3. I've reduced links to 'GRT'.
4. I've changed Kinross'es sinking date from 'January' to 'June' in the table (per RASAM (talk) 19:27, 2 February 2013 (UTC)

Still needs book sources over web page sources. I'll have a check in the morning.-- OsirisV (talk) 21:54, 2 February 2013 (UTC)