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They seem to be poor choices. E.g. Denise Richards does not seem to have any darkness under her eyes. Am I just a dumb guy who can't tell? Feel like there are better examples ---- — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:34, 19 August 2016 (UTC)

Heroin insufflation and purity[edit]

There was a claim with refrence that heroin's purity grew and this caused easier insufflation. This claim is persistant, however; a review of the sources reveals that: a) there is no evidence other than parroted claims that literaly form a circular chain of refrences that occasionaly deadend to someon ewho said such without citation, and b) that it makes no sense since heroin bioavailability is similar via insufflation and IV injection and area under the curve and peak plasma levels (corrected for morphine production) are also similar.

The metrics for IV vs insufflation are so similar it defies logic to claim that purity had anything to do with the drug's administration prefrence.

Anyways, the source cited previously, as usual, gave no citation to any evidence, experimental, testimonial, analytical, nothing, demonstrating its accuracy or source. I removed that claim and replaced it with the well-documented claim that heroin became more potent and that more people began snorting it.

Personally I think its clear that as heroin grew in popularity more people began using it. Since most people don't like injecting htemselves for no reason, and the internet grew, people realized there was not a great deal of reasons to inject and instead insufflated. Additionaly, the rise of powdery dry heroin made snorting easier then with tar forms which generally require disolution and snorting of the supernatent liquid. I don't have sources for these guesses so I simply ignored them, but I wanted to explain the change and provide evidence the authority cited's claim is senseless and reveal that investigation demonstrates the snorting related to purity trend was entirely made up. Just a case of correleation leading to improved causation and nothing more. Dea reports of "OMG teens are using heroin and snorting it... and its different cuz its more pure now!!!11" probably facilitated this.-- (talk) 05:53, 18 January 2009 (UTC)