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Zodiac Solar Islamic Hijri Calendar

There is one more calendar, not mentioned in the article, & which is contained in KSA's Official Omm Al Qoraa Calendar Booklet printed every year namely: the 'Zodiac Solar Islamic Hijri Calendar'. This calendar is used for non-religious purpose as the state budget. It is not well-known outside the country, & very less inside & not used much except very sparingly, though printed always & regularly in the official calendar booklet. Roughly it corresponds to the Gregorian calendar except the months start around on every 21st of the Gregorian calendar month except for minor adjustments of adding of 1 or 2 days or subtracting of 1 day & are named after the zodiac signs: Month No.(1)Al Jadee (The Goat - Capricorn) (30days =Dec 22 - Jan 20)(2)Ad Daloo (The Water-carrier - Aquarius) (30days = Jan 21 - Feb 20), No.(3) Al Haoot (The Fish - Pisces) (29days = Feb 20 - Mar 20), No.(4)Al Hamal (The Ram - Aries) (31 days = Mar 21 - Apr 20), No.(5)As Thour (The Bull - Taurus) (31 days = Apr 21 - May 21), No.(6)Al Jauzaa (The Twins - Gemini) (31 days = May 22 - Jun 21), No.(7)As Sartaan (The Crab - Cancer) (31days = Jun 22 - Jul 22), No.(8)Al Asad (The Lion - Leo) (31 days = Jul 23 - Aug 22), No.(9)As Soumbla (The Ear {of grain} - Virgo} (31 days = Aug 23 - Sep 22), No.(10)Al Meezaan (The Scales - Libra) (30 days = Sep 23 - Oct 22), No.(11)Al Aaqrab (The Scorpion - Scorpio) (30 days = Oct 23 - Nov 21), No.(12)Al Qaus (The Bow - Sagittarius) (30days = Nov 22 - Dec 21) Year 1390 H = (Dec 22, 2011 - Dec 21, 2012).Ilaila (talk) 19:04, 16 February 2012 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Ilaila (talkcontribs)