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hilary simon is quite simply at the top of her game

I removed the following text which I could not verify:

Early life[edit]

Hilary Simon was born number five in a family of eight brothers and sisters. She was strong minded from a young age, picking out her outfit for the day at age 3. Hilary attended a variety of boarding schools growing up, finally settling on St Georges where she achieved great success graduating with ten 'O' levels.

Career in theatre and film[edit]

After leaving home at 16, Hilary attended Croydon Art College where she began by studying fashion. This, however, did not agree with her and she swiftly moved to Harrow Art College where she studied alongside many other upcoming designers. After finishing her foundation year with distinction, she followed up her studying with a degree in theatre design. Hilary finally settled on costume and after working on numerous theatre productions, she finally made the transition to film, starting with Sweet William in 1980. SusanSusanperu (talk) 18:16, 24 August 2012 (UTC)