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can nybody help us im writin report bout the sound energy goin through the ear nd im kinder not doin 2 well lol all a need to now is wat the cochlea does

You will get a much quicker response if you write your question at the science ref desk. Anyway take a look at the auditory system article which explains a little about what the cochlea does.
One other thing: You will also get a better answer if you write in English, maybe like this: "Can anybody help me. I'm writing a report about how sound energy is sensed in the ear. I'm not doing too well. Can someone please explain what the cochlea does." You won't get a complete answer to your question because noone is going to do your homework for you. Instead you will get directed to one of Wikipedia's articles like I have done above, but at least you won't get a load of other replies suggesting you write in English. Astronaut (talk) 00:47, 5 March 2009 (UTC)