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Ingaevones or Ingvaeones??[edit]

Great mistake, only called Ingaevones, and not "also referred to as Ingaevones", see Tacitus, 2: ...a God sprung from the earth, and Mannus, his son, as the fathers and founders of the nation. To Mannus they assign three sons, after whose names so many people are called; the Ingaevones, dwelling next the ocean; the Herminones, in the middle country; and all the rest, Instaevones. Some, borrowing a warrant from the darkness of antiquity, maintain that the God had more sons, that thence came more denominations of people, the Marsians, Gambrians, Suevians, and Vandalians, and that these are the names truly genuine and original. For the rest, they affirm Germany to ...

see: Tacitus, Germaniae, 2, original: ...Manno tris filios adsignant, e quorum nominibus proximi Oceano Ingaevones, medii Herminones, ceteri Istaevones vocentur. Quidam, ut in licentia vetustatis, pluris deo ortos plurisque gentis appellationes, Marsos Gambrivios Suebos Vandilios ... see:( )

Dietmar 01:12, 31 Mar 2004


It was noticed long ago that Ingaeuones is one of the tribal names present in more than one group: its Indo-European prototype, enghaiw-, is identical to the one of the Achaeans, nghaiw-. This suggests that the form Ingaeuones was original, and Inguaeones - modified by folk etymology.

--Uocila (talk) 07:00, 28 September 2009 (UTC)