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Fact and fiction[edit]

To User:Tropicanmanofthesea and anyone else who is editing this article - please note that this article, as it was originally written, and as it now stands, is about the island just off the coast near Falcarragh. If there is another island of the same name 37.84 miles offshore (or 37.34, or 37.54, depending on which version of the "revised" text, and which sentence, you are reading), and if there are tales about the famine and scientific research associated with it, let's have another article about it, and let's agree on two distinct titles, one for each article. But please do not insert lots of nonsense into this article, with photos of Tory Island and Slovenian forests. By all means add information, but do not simply turn the article into a work of fiction. Thank you. Snalwibma (talk) 06:18, 17 April 2008 (UTC)