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What does this have to do with the Ithaca?[edit]

Much of the following (removed from the article page) is about the storyline, not directly connected with the Ithaca itself.

After their first year, the crew of Ithaca were running dangerously low on spice, so Tleilaxu Master Scytale taught them how to produce synthetic spice in axlotl tanks, and in return he was allowed to walk freely in Ithaca. Two sisters voluntarily allowed themselves to be made into axlotl tanks, sacrificing themselves to ensure the survival of the crew. Three years later, Scytale felt he didn't have much time left to live so he revealed the secret of the nullentropy tube he had hidden inside his body, and in return he would be allowed to make a ghola of himself.
After a year and a half of preparation, Rebecca and two Bene Gesserits volunteered to become the axlotl tanks in the Ithaca for the ghola resurrection program. About a year later Rebecca gave birth to a Paul Atreides ghola, and was then impregnated with Jessica Atreides's cells. Seven years later, thirteen years after their escape from Chapterhouse, there were a total of nine baby gholas, Paul ghola was seven years old, Jessica ghola was a year younger and so was the Thufir Hawat ghola, Chani was five, Wellington Yueh was four, and so was the Scytale ghola, the Liet Kynes ghola was three, Stilgar was two, and the Leto II ghola was a year old. [1]
Garimi and Stuka attempted to assassinate the Leto II ghola when it was a year old, but it was able to defend itself, and according to Garimi it became a small sandworm, shredded the pillow, and bit Stuka on her side before returning back into his normal human baby shape. Sheeana didn't believe Garimi and was outraged at the assassination attempt and said she would be willing to create many more Leto II gholas just to ensure one of them survives, and as punishment she made Garimi the official Proctor Superior, guardian of the gholas. [2]
Shortly afterwards Sheeana received a message from Reverend Mother Ramallo from Other Memory, warning her to be careful what she creates, and that she's bringing back too much, too quickly. Because of the warning, Sheeana stopped the ghola project temporarily. [3]

If the above can be justified as relevant to an article on the ship itself, fine, add it back. Otherwise, it should be merged with the Hunters of Dune or other pages or deleted.

SandChigger 10:03, 19 October 2006 (UTC)

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