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sand chigger, n. The desert mite of Arrakis (Trombicula arrakensis), an adapted variety of the Terran harvest mite, hated by many for the irritation it causes. Reportedly known as the "Stillsuit Shaitan" by some Fremen.


I am primarily interested in any and all articles here on Wikipedia pertaining to the novel Dune and its sequels written by Frank Herbert, and to the officially authorized fanfic prequels, sequels and interquels written (or rather, "dictahiked") by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.


I am an arrogant [note spelling!] alternative account, but not a sock-puppet! And I am usually grammatically correct. :D

Feathers in my cap

I have been banned from

  • the forum (BBS) on
  • The Dune Saga group on Facebook
  • posting on the Official Dune page on same.

As on all sites controlled by KJA or the Herbert heirs, the above ignore or provide inane answers to real questions, do not allow any overt criticism of the new "McDune" franchise books, and get a spot pissy when you do it elsewhere.

So I now post at Jacurutu. Please come join us!

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Dune Novels Timeline, on the official Dune Novels site.

Hairy Ticks of Dune, my old Blogger blog for Dune-related shtuff, now just for linking to blog on new site:

Hairy Ticks of Dune dot net, my website for everything Orthodox Herbertarian!

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Things to do[edit]

  • Dune (novel)
    • Archive some of the Talk:Dune (novel) stuff?
    • Combine and pare down the two synopses, per addition of the {{plot}} tag by DragonHawk?
  • Battle of Corrin
    • Currently too Prequel-biased. Needs to be pointed out that in the originals the Jihad had been over for 20 years or so.


Paul of Dune Table of Contents, Synopsis

The Winds of Dune Table of Contents, Synopsis

Discrepancies stuff

My edit summary (Vanity link?)

Ghost in the Shell Pages - a relatively new interest.

This addition to the KJA page amused me:

He is also often criticized as crafting flat, static characters that downgrade a story rather than the round, dynamic characters that make a story great, as well as crafting airy and insubstantial, occasionally superfluous story lines with in his stories, which also take away from the story. Although his Dune books coauthored by Brian Herbert have acheived much acclaim, simply trying to read one gives a person a headache, due to the fact that it is written as though, "It [was] an instruction manual." Just looking into his repertoire makes one ponder why in the world anybody would choose him to write any part of Dune, considering that the majority of his body of work consits of spin-offs and tie-ins, while having a grand total of only eight books of his claimed fifty-something being completely original. Further more, of these eight books, five of them are part of The Saga of Seven Suns, a series which even Anderson has said is merely to make some form of contribution to the 'Space Epic' area of Science Fiction, an intention made more clearly as the books become more and more revoltingly unreadable with each additional book.

Before I reverted it, that is.

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