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Content from "The War of the Oaken Bucket" article[edit]

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The War of the Oaken Bucket, (1325-1337) is a jocular term for a military conflict between the Italian city-states of Modena and Bologna, starting when a regiment of Modena soldiers invaded Bologna during the Battle of Zappolino with the goal of stealing an oaken bucket. They succeeded, but several hundred Bologna citizens were killed.

Bologna responded by mobilizing its army and going to war with Modena to restore national honor and the bucket.

The ensuing war lasted for twelve years with thousands of deaths. Bologna eventually lost the war, and the bucket is still in the Ghirlandina, the tower of the 12-th century Duomo in Modena.

A rivalry between Bologna and Modena university students still exists today over the bucket.

Tassoni later wrote a satirical poem about the war called La secchia rapita.


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