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I'd like to say something here along the lines of ...

"In finance a margin is ..."

haven't worked out just how the def. should go yet.

Voting margin[edit]

Can someone make "election margin" and "voting margin" redirect to the appropriate articles? Or new articles, if necessary. Thanks. --Eleassar777 10:23, 14 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Massive removal[edit]

I cut the following:

Source: Federal Standard 1037C
  • In Medicine, the tissue margins are the edges of an excision (or resection) surgical specimen. The margins are examined by a pathologist to evaluate the likelihood that the disease (for example, a cancer) has been completely removed. "Clear margins," or "negative margins", means that the surgeon's cut was in healthy tissue, while "positive margins" means that the surgeon has cut through diseased tissue. This increases the likelihood that some disease was left inside the patient and, therefore, that the disease will recur.
  • In machine learning, margin refers to the minimal distance of a sample to the hyperplane dividing positive and negative examples. Some machine learning methods, such as Support vector machine or Boosting, work by searching for a hyperplane that maximizes the margin.
  • In execution of activity, "margin" of error means the 'edge' or 'point' at which one measures acceptable or unacceptable amounts or numbers of errors; the "cut-off" point.
  • In mortgage lending, "margin" is the lender’s spread over the interest rate index, often 2.5% to 3%, but it can vary widely. For example, if the index rate is 5% and the margin is 3%, then the mortgagor's interest rate on the mortgage would be 8%.
  • In economics one distinguishes between the extensive margin and the intensive margin. See also Margin (economics)
  • Margin is also the name of the established upscale streetwear and directional tailoring exhibition established in 2002 that takes place twice a year in London for industry only.

The reason is, a disambiguation page is not the place to list dictionary definitions or explain term usage that are not covered in other wikipedia articles. A disambiguation page is intended to direct someone who searches for an ambiguous term to the correct article on that term. If we don't have an article on that term, then we probably shouldn't included it on the disambig page. Also, wikilinking text and external links are not recommended in the MoS. If this was too big of a cut, feel free to restore content, but please keep it concise, and in accordance with the MoS. Thanks.-Andrew c 23:18, 22 June 2007 (UTC)