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Mary CATHERINE Gallagher[edit]

Every site I've seen but this page has her middle name spelled as "Catherine." Not going to change the page now, but let me know if you have evidence that it's to be spelled with a K. Moncrief (talk) 18:14, 20 March 2008 (UTC)

Since nobody's responded, added any sources, etc. in the intervening 8 years: It's definitely spelled with a 'K'. You can see it on the Superstar movie poster, Molly Shannon's press bio, the SNL video clips for the sketches on, etc. Some early reviews did spell it with a 'C', but that's because reviewers had nothing to go on but what they heard in the show. (The recurring sketch was mentioned in a written press release, but as 'Excitable Girl', which didn't help.) -- (talk) 08:28, 23 September 2016 (UTC)